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  1. Hullo.

    Bifrost is so pretty, and sparkly and nice and magical. Ty Q! Koomaster, it's making me sleep during opposite timezone :( I feel like Dracula now, away at night and sleeping during the day. The crafting is pretty fun, I guess, but kinda hell, I can only make a particular thing, once a day, ;_; and I need 35 of it, GOOD LUCK ME! Addy, I will check out the lore, deffo, kinda tilted to buy LW2 right now but :( and also because of Mawdrey, wanted it badly and I realized I can't go on crafting till the end because I didn't have LW2 to get my hands on certain things. and I saw your Bifrost just now during TT, PRETTY THINGS.
  2. Hullo.

    thank you lovely addy :D Merforga, I guess so, but I actually follow pretty much most of the timezones, when I am awake. :D I'm awake at odd hours, according to my timezone.
  3. Hullo.

    Hello. Just wanna pop up and say hi, this is my first ever post too. Been following events for a while now, and I wanna take this opportunity to really thank all the commanders who have been putting in effort, sleeping hours, eating hours, sexy time hours in organizing these events. Sometimes it's crazy to see the same commander for two different timezones, although I'm pretty terrible with timezones cause I'm all the way in Asia. I remember a couple of days ago we had our Something Sunday and you guys were expressing how tiring it is sometimes, to run this almost everyday. I kinda know how it feels, organizing things for community, I and a bunch of lovely people run a TF2 community in Asia and although we don't run events everyday because technically we can't, but running leagues, special events and LAN is hard enough, I can't imagine how you guys cope with basically living GW2. I do hope one day I can be of help, I would love to run events occasionally or running permanent events but I'm totally new to this game, never played GW1, so I don't know much about the meta of this game. Played a little WOW back then, a lot of headache DoTA2(I have somewhat a undying love for this game) and bunch of other games including Team Fortress 2, can't wait to get my hands on Overwatch soon as well. oh, who brought me into GW2? My boyfriend did, we play shit ton of games together and I just wanted to play GW2 with him but in the end, he stopped playing and I'm the one getting hooked to this game. Who brought my noob behind to TTS? Tamm. He's been helping me a lot throughout my entire gameplay, making me understand the meta. I'm not a fan of crafting, at all. Tedious as hell, but on my way of making my Bifrost. Good luck to me. I've never spoken a word in TS, maybe one day. I love you all and ty for lovely events, and NEVER stop singing, cause I love those.

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