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  1. With Much Love

    I should have written this months ago. I am very sorry for my unannounced departure from not only leadership but the game as a whole. This is nothing to do with my love for the community or the game itself. For a while, I have been struggling with mental and physical issues that came to a head during the break when I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and signs of a stroke. I had been trying to get healthy by walking and eating better. However, I realized it was not enough and started to look at my life and the way I spent my time. I didn't want to give up you guys so I tried so many times to log on. But after starting a new workout routine I simply did not have the energy. Once I reach my goal, I would love to try and come back to play again with you guys. I apologize greatly if I have upset anyone. I truly loved helping everyone that I could. Many blessings, Rei of Hope Nicole
  2. Multitasking whilst playing GW2

    There are many more tricks to this. However, it is best to learn as you go.
  3. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss

    Dust to Dust As the moon rose to complete the night sky, the old ball room breathed a new life as if awaken by the beams of light flooding through the windows joining in with the flickering of candles framing the room. Soft murmurs of laughter and clinging glasses mixed to form a melody that seemed to lift the happy couple to their feet and slowly drift to the dance floor their eyes never leaving the other. His gloved hand twists around her pale fingers as a band picks up the beat now slowly playing a waltz that consumed the chaos around the jubilant couple. Swirls of white lace wrapped around the face of the young bride could not hide her turned lips of pure joy as her groom held her in perfect form. His eyes locked into the figure before him, his perfect stance breaking, and her lips too taunting to hold back were kissed with a passion that would linger for an eternity. They freeze on the dance floor, a moment locked in place. Their sudden stop making the dust spring to life. The beams of light shining onto them as they were crystal, the roar of the crowd fell upon no one’s ears as the image of the two lovers played out before them. The dust seemed to increase as there is a distant cry of panic. The light from the candles begins to overtake the radiance of the bride. The young man taking his newly joined soul to him and in haste never sees the gold from his hand fall. The light seems to grow until it is an inferno ready to consume all the life in the room. Then the harsh light of a foreign source filled the room as the roar became the creak of a door not opened in decades. The dust still flying started to settle on cracked floors and broken chairs. The walls faded and stained with the remnants of burned paintings and starches of fingernails from the trapped dying. The fluorescent glow of a light spell tore across the broken windows still with the charred bars and wood from old shutters too big to be forced open and fell on a dull now twisted ring lying where it was dropped and forgotten in the moment. The old druid charged with watching the old place in Divinity's Reach scratches his head swearing he could have heard music, but shutting the door, he locked it again with heavy chains and walks back to his post not hearing the long forgotten band strike up again to watch the couple dance their waltz in the moonlight.
  4. I am a writer who loves to go to New Orleans for my inspiration: The streets are dark and desolate, and the many patches of graffiti and spiked metal gates tell me this is a place my mom would kick my ass if she found out I was here at this house in this city. But I can not help what is pulling me though the back alleys of New Orleans. The music had hit my ears and traveled to the place most jazz music come from, the soul. I finally find its source, a family brass band. They are just children with none looking older than any of my high school students. But their faces look as worn as their tattered black shirts and stained blue jeans. However, their hands and lips do not reflect their weariness in their bodies. They play a sensual and uplifting jazz tune for the flash mob that has formed in front of them to celebrate this moment in their lives. Free style dancing takes hold. The music taking shape in each individual coming out in any form that person needs to express. The band plays for what seems like a few short moments before their instruments go silent. The crowd’s instant expression is one of gratitude for this moment that they got to celebrate and live. Some begin to leave while other still sway to the melody still playing within them. I regret not letting the music go within and find my grandfather’s spirit lodged in my heart. If discovered, I would let loose in a way that would have allowed him to live again flowing forth into the streets in the back alleys of New Orleans.
  5. NA/PAC Name Change Post

    NAP North American Pacific
  6. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Awww! I'm the white glow on the bar!
  7. Hey there! I tried to message you back in game after I saw it :( I will talk to you later!


  8. Cosplay Fun

  9. This goes for me as well. If I am on at reset, I will try to get anything together. Just watch for posts in Guild Chat or hop on TS.
  10. Congratulations to Rei!

    Thanks everyone!
  11. Nice to meet you all

    It is nice to meet you as well!
  12. Make-A-Meme!

  13. Make-A-Meme!


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