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  1. Hi All

    If you ever want a bunny just let me know :) The black and whites are called Broken Black. There is also broken blue, chocolate, liliac and many other colors. But the Broken Blacks are pretty cool. My favorite bunny is named Twix and he is a Broken Black Otter so he has some otter coloring around his eyes, ears and neck. He's one the nicest show rabbits I have ever owned with 7 Best of Breed wins. He has a constant stink eye too. HE IS PRECIOUS.
  2. Hi All

    Oh Gosh where do I start :) I have about 60 rabbits right now? I never count but that is an estimate. The rabbitry page has lots https://www.facebook.com/DragonstoneRabbitry/
  3. Hi All

    Thanks, btw love your avatar. I breed Mini Rex bunnies. :)
  4. Hi All

    Thank you. My characters are Rhaenys and Nymeria for the most part. I also have a Sansa. I am in PST. What is /rank? I am so new I just learned how to do all the squad join commands and still am learning raiding in GW2. I learn fast though!
  5. Hi All

    Hi guys, I just joined in the last month and I wanted to say hi ^..^. So far I have seen nothing but awesome, organized play. I am trying to help out as much as I can. If you want to add me as a friend my name is QueenBlackfyre.6021. Yes I do love GoT. I am on often during the day as I have a chronic illness. I hope to be able to get to even more events this summer and try new content I haven't been able to do achieve solo. I have played EQ, WoW since first Beta, GW since it came out and recently in the last year or so picked up GW2. I love to have fun, explore new content and just own things. I don't really say much on TS but I am there. :) My main character is a Ranger/Druid, I also love my Necro, Mesmer and Elementalist. I do not play melee classes, lol. I don't like mobs hitting on me. Kiting for life. Thank you for letting me be apart of your fabulous guild.

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