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  1. EU time Raid?

    I was in the raid guild for a few weeks but they only had OCE raids, or maybe i was looking at the wrong calendar? do you need me to apply again?
  2. EU time Raid?

    looks like theres currently only 1 raid on sunday. ill be around if you need help filling the roster.
  3. EU time Raid?

    how do i contact Esk?
  4. EU time Raid?

    The past few weeks Ive been looking for a raid group that runs before NA prime time. I havent had much success with that so I thinking I just might have to start one myself. I have some experience in all the raid wings but probably not enough, so the best way to learn is by doing right? anyone who wants to try, just bring appropriate type builds and we will practice till we git gud ^_^ contact me here or ign: synosius.9876
  5. I too am a heavy wvw player and TTS is great for our kind. Past couple of weeks Ive been trying to learn the raids which is the reason I havent been coming to many of the evening events. I just wanted to say I like coming to hang out with the group for big events and it doesnt matter to me so much what we do.
  6. Im a long time MMO player who has been in countless guilds over the years. Its still a mystery to me how a guild or clan evolves from a random collection of players into a quality community like TTS. There are many attributes this space currently has that help sustain it but what I want to know is how it went from just 1 person to hundreds of members? Its not even the numbers in the roster that separate TTS from an average guild, those are just the effect of crossing the threshold beyond mediocrity.

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