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  1. PAC Schedule Change

    But, if you move PAC events a tinsywinsy 6h later or 6h before, I can start coming again, but other than that keep up the good work :)
  2. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss vote vote vote

    Wait wut, isn't aeselds in? cause he is a commander? :S
  3. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss

    I heard it, a deep growl. I couldn't see it, the fog was way to dense. I couldn't even see Gruff anymore. All I heard was his calls. Calling me like a dog. This is how they treat asuras now a days, they should bow to me, obey me. When I was two, I was already smarter than them. But instead they yell, yell and yell. If it wouldn't be so damn cold, maybe I would get angry. But it's hard to be angry when you are freezing to death... In my thoughts I almost missed them, their white mantles shining in the mist. They didn't stay white that long tho. First one went red as a sword was put through his chest. An other yelled as fire rose up from beneath him. The cleric tried to hide behind his shield, but crystals rained from the sky smashing down splashing blood everywhere... BOOOOOM! Something hit me hard from the left, pushing me head first into the ground. Everything went silent. As I spit the earth out of my mouth. I could see my comrades yelling, but nothing came out of their mouths. Only this intense ringing, a high tone PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII... As I got up on my knees, I saw him, or what was left of him, his head still rolling down the road. Soliii, he was a friend and now he is gone, I told gruff we shouldn't bring new people, but humans never listen... Staring as his head rolled down the road, a hand grabbed my shoulder, pushing me backwards. Tumbling I looked up and saw gruff yelling, but what was it he was yelling? As his voice started to crack through the PIIIIIIII he went past me. "RUN, RUN!", tumbling backwards I saw it. A deep red growing in the fog in front of me. I could see its yellow eyes staring me to death. As my comrades hugged and clung to its side. It didn't slow, instead it seemed to go faster. In panic, I turned around, at this point, gruff was far ahead of me, yelling. COME! COME! you stupid asura! I didn't care if he yelled at me like a dog, calling me stupid. As my legs slowly started to move under me, I couldn't see it but ooo golems I felt it. Steels clanged against bones behind me, but it didn't drown the deep growling. As the warm sensation of something breathing in my neck, a shriek started to form in my lungs, but before it reached my lips, everything went dark. As it's teeth sunk into my asura skull all I could think about was the horror... Not of the horror that I would die... The deep deep horror of what was about to came... The searching for new people in LFG... (P.S. What is my name, and what are we doing?)
  4. New Commanding Officer - Aeseld

    Wow, you mean first Co-Officer with a taxible name? ^^ Gz

    well swedish and swedish, its the SI metric system ^^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litre But well, americans :)

    Best food you can ever have! Recipe: 500g potato 3dl milk 3eggs 1kg salt 4dl tears https://sweden.se/culture-traditions/raggmunk/
  7. Contest/Event Ideas

    Well, you already have my idea pretty posted, but to give general feedback on how it can be done: (not that I play fashionwars because yea....) Give fashion players a profile, a story and a event that they should/been attended and they should make their cosplay /outfit fit to the character and situation. Or something like that. ^^
  8. Back in business

    correction, bois and grills* ^^
  9. A Fond Farewell

    Q(o.oQ) I'll beat it out of you.... Take care.... Have fun.... Get well.... #euplayerthatstayedupallnighttoplaywithpac
  10. Aloha, donno exactly were to post this, so as it is kinda tech related....what arn't when you play a computer game.... :) Basicly its a overwolf addond that I made for myself 'cause I'm lazy, good for huskblocking etc for more info: http://lanboost.net/gw/overwolf/ some cred for the husk timers etc go to the "insert name" and the one that suggested overwolf "insert name" (names I can't remember srry)
  11. [Sign up] OCE Static Group 2 - Merf's Mermaids

    Lanboost.5672 Professions available: Berz revenant (VG and escort EXP) Berz Tempest (VG and escort EXP) W.I.P Zerk guardian (No exp) Raid Experience: L.I: 7 VG:4 kills Escort:5 kills Note: Current schedule make me available all fridays (almost) this might however change in ~2-3 months when my studies starts.
  12. Make-A-Meme!

    Well my tries :S PS. did an extra for qaeize (the last one, so guess that isn't up for the event :)))
  13. OCE new Probie-Meggly

    Yey commanders!
  14. Lanboost

    You people know that azuras are very small, thats why it's hard to see the body... :)
  15. Lanboost

    Hello, never introduced myself, but I'm Lanboost I joined GW around 2 months ago and TTS around 1.5 months ago. Been having alot of fun with this game, and espacially TTS so I mostly wanted to thank everyone for having such a great atmosphere. So about me, I'm swedish, studying computer science and happened on GW (NA specific) because some friends from Runescape played on NA servers (who doesn't play anymore), it was also they who got me into TTS, else I prolly wouldn't play this game. I mostly run all the events I can from TTS and daily fractals, now trying to get into raiding. I also do alot of reflecting at TT as that boss is the only one that is "hard", so if you have questions etc I'll be glad to help, always need more ppl, and always need more fun ppl. So talk me up and we can do something fun! Me and one of the best members in TTS: P.S Did totally not just do this post to show of my friend

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