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  1. Male or female

    Male Charr tales always looked like they had been shaved to me XD. Then again that might be due to having a cat that had really long hair so she had to be shaved down, and her tail looked like Charr male tails, so that might be why it looks odd to me. When they introduced that "Old Man Charr" face, that made me want to make a Male Charr.
  2. Male or female

    11 of my 15 characters are female, no real reason. Most of them are also Charr (6 of 11) and that is a result of I find the female Charr more aesthetic vs. the male versions (but male Charr get all the good hairstyles, what gives Anet!?). 9 of 9 characters on my alt account are also female, all Charr, same reason as before XD.
  3. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    We killed a thing!
  4. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    The world needs more Vigil Charr
  5. The Good Old Days of Condi at TT

    Ah, no pictures of our super secret pineapple hut as we stealthily Mesmer ported around a map doing Tequatl.
  6. Dragonvale. You build a park, a park full of dragons, DRAGONS!!!!!!!!! Also irony:
  7. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    That has happened before. Some guild was attempting to troll us and spawned Teq, we killed it, and then another attempt was made, we killed that one too, then the actual Teq spawned and we killed it again. I want to say MoS was leading that~
  8. One Burn Cobalt

    Crimson perspective:
  9. Where does "your" main character's name come from?

    I apologize in advance for the wall of text: Parhelia Solfur, Warrior - Parhelia is a phenomenon in which the Sun gives off a set of halos on either side of it as the result of light reflecting off of ice crystals in the atmosphere. The second portion of the name is Sol, the Latin name for the Sun, and just the word fur, so Sunfur. Gilgames the King, Guardian - Based on Gilgamesh from the Fate anime series. Since Gilgamesh summons weapons using his Gate of Babylon noble phantasm, and Guardians can summon weapons, just seemed to fit. Nyktara Solfur, Guardian - Used the word nykto, meaning night in Greek, and giving it a more female feel to it. The last name is the same as my Warrior due to my misunderstanding of how Charr warband names are done. I was under the impression the last name remained the same =/ Fraza Artemian, Mesmer - First name is based off of Franz Anton Mesmer, the individual who developed the idea for animal magnetism which was later used in hypnosis techniques known as mesmerism. Since I did not realize that Asura do not have last names, I gave them one based off the Artemis Fowl series of books. Ferrum Ironsoul, Engineer - First name is literally the Latin word for Iron, Iron Ironsoul, very creative. She is also in Iron Legion... Kayaeto, Thief - The one naming convention I got right! So since Sylvari seem so innocent and noble it seemed right to have a name to reflect that. Since almost every variation of kaito, meaning gentlemen thief in Japanese, was in use I fiddled with letters until one stuck while sounding roughly the same. Cernia Longhunt, Ranger - Used the first portion of the name of Cernunnos, a Celtic god of animals, hunting, and nature. Last name is the impression that a ranger spends a lot of time out in the wild hunting. Enuma Thanissaro, Elementalist - From the first part of the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian creation story were the elements of the world are created I used for the first name. Thanissaro is from Thanissaro Bhikkhu, a American born Buddhist who is best known for translating Buddhist doctrines, which uses classical elements in it's basis. Sabia Shadeseeker, Necromancer - The Sabians were a people of Chaldea whom are believed to use the stars and planets to communicate with the dead. Most of this is speculative as there are only a few versus from the Quran about them, but no detail. It has been suggested that the Mandaeans are in fact the Sabians considering the groups beliefs. So with that I took the name minus the N, and Shadeseeker for the communication with the dead. Freyra Solshroud, Revenant - Freyra is an old Norse spelling of Freyja, goddess of the death, among other things, in Nordic mythology. Her brother is Freyr, the god of sunlight. Freyja gathers half of those who die in battle on her heavenly afterlife field called Folkvangr. With Revenants communing with the spirits of dead warriors in the Mists, it matched Freyja pretty well, and with a brother for a Solar god with a closely resembling name, indirectly met the criteria for the Sol warband. Fenyra Thruerval, Ranger - So I needed a Norn to finish out my personal story achievements, thus I looked at names from Norse mythology to build this name. Fenyra is basically Freya with R moved and an added N. Thruerval is actually two names with Thruer being another way to spell Thrud, the daughter of Thor and val coming from the fact that there is a valkyrie also named Thrud who may or may not be the same person. The valkyrie portion is why I chose Freya for constructing the first name. I actually found by accident while trying to remember where I got Fenyra that fenyramidol is a muscle relaxant, which is ironic because Thruer means strength in old Norse. Around the time I was thinking about making a guild for personal guild vault storage, I was also looking into solar deities. While researching solar phenomenon which resulted in Parhelia and Nyktara's names, I came across a lot of interesting deities that I thought would fit the naming convention I started with Par. So I made the Sol Warband, with members having a first name relating to the sun and their profession. Surya Solfire, Warrior - Surya is the chief solar deity in the Hindu religion, also known as the Supreme Light. Since Surya is representative of willpower and stamina, the unrelenting Warrior was a good fit. Arinna Solbearer, Guardian - Arinna is actually a substitute name for the Hittite solar deity Arinniti. Arinna, from what little I could find on her, was the goddess who protected against war and disaster. Since Guardians, well, guard, this fit. Zorya Solshatter, Mesmer - Zorya is actually two guardians, Zorya Utrennjaja of the Morning, and Zorya Vechernjaja of the Evening, who serve the Slavic sun god Dazbog. Utrennjaja opens the gate in the morning for Dazbogs sun chariot to begin its daily routine, and Vechernjaja closes the gate at dusk. Having a first name representing two different individuals I thought fit the Mesmer's ability to clone themselves. Thesana Solforge, Engineer - Thesan is the Etrucscan goddess of the dawn, divination, and the generation of life. So the idea with the Engineer was that they forge new creations, even if they are mechanical. Olwyna Solseeker, Ranger - Olwen, also known as Olwyn, is an early Welsh dawn goddess. She is the daughter of the giant Ysbaddaden Pencawr, who is prophesied to die if Olwen marries. Culhwch is destined to marry Olwen, and is set about with several tasks by Ysbaddaden to win Olwen's hand. With his cousin Arthur Pendragon and a retinue of his knights, Culhwch completes all the tasks put before him, including slaying the great boar Twrch Trwyth. In some tales it is Olwen who does the actual tasks to win her freedom, since she is frail and is thus no considered capable of completing the tasks. Since Culhwch must seek out so many items to complete his tasks, and has to slay our outwit many beasts, I used that as justification for the first name and Seeker in the last. Mandi Solstealer, Thief - Mandi is the god of crops, war, and negotiation in the Kalasha religion. Though not a solar deity he is responsible for stealing the Sun and Moon back from the demon Espereg-era. Seeing as a Thief can steal from mobs, it fit the description. Atuma Solcreator, Elementalist- Atum is a major creator god in Egyptian mythology, creating himself from earth and water as well as many other gods. He is also a solar deity by representing the evening sun. Since Elementalists create weapons from the elements, I used that as the basis for picking this name. Belenus Solbringer, Necromancer - Belenus is a ancient solar deity of the Celts. Said to cure the sick and dispel disease Belenus was also seen as a healing deity. Belenus is also said to chase away the morning mists which were seen as bringers of death. Since Necromancers can pull conditions off of allies and drain their own health to the benefits of others it made a good match. Solbringer comes from the idea of the dispelling of the mists with the dawning of the sun.
  10. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Got this orange fluffy thing with multiple sharp objects attached to it, not quite sure what to make of it. http://imgur.com/qC8uG2V
  11. State of the game 2016 update: Shatterer revamp incoming

    Watching the Shatterer battle during the Beta weekend was pretty much what got me keeping tabs on GW2 and my main drive to level when I actually got GW2, so rather excited to see a revamp is incoming!
  12. Which Video Game Weapons Would You Love To Wield IRL

    I will take a Cataclysm's Edge or a Quel'Serrar any day!
  13. To everyone that hoarded Ascended stuff..

    As a random note when you switch the stats on a Ascended weapon, if you don't have the skin for the particular stats, you get it. So if you want to collect the skins without crafting all the Ascended weapons this is a cheaper and faster option depending on how many soul shards you are sitting on.
  14. Solar FREAKIN' RoadWays!

    Thunderf00t has a follow up video because a bike path was implemented using this, and apparently people are under the impression that makes it viable.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR574qhPSDY

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