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  1. Pets wanting to play GW2

    What about a cat that DOESN'T want you to play, so she attacks your mouse arm?
  2. Warning: Wall of Text

    (hey, I have like...40 ar or something. so you should come do fractals with me :3 pm me ingame! my username should be the to the left!)
  3. Guild Roster Consolidation

    I'm putting these together, because I genuinely believe that there are people who would like to be more involved and lead more events, myself included. 1) The reality is that asking someone to chat command, much less TS command, is an incredibly intimidating proposition for a lot of people. I have the utmost respect for our commanders and regular community commanders who are so comfortable getting on TS and leading via voice. I don't believe that anyone is suggesting that we command via chat only. TS is an integral part of TTS. But honestly? From my perspective, that of a non-commander and a member of several TT/World boss guilds, TTS has a subtle but pretty powerful stigma against chat commanding. It's difficult enough to recruit people to command via chat, and I imagine that it's even harder to recruit voice commanders. It takes a lot of confidence to do either, and while I'm not saying we should be cheerleaders for everyone (it's exhausting), I believe that there are a lot of well meaning people who, plain and simple, are afraid of commanding but would be fantastic if given the right encouragement. 2) And as for others stepping up, I love community nights. I wish that I could attend more of them, because they give people the opportunity to show that they are willing to step up. Having regular (orange/red/blue) tag commanders is fantastic for the rest of the week, but it also means that the same people are commanding every night and are inching closer and closer to burnout. If there were more opportunities outside of the scheduled community nights to command- as in the understanding that people can volunteer at any time to lead- there is a possibility that you might see more people stepping up. 3) Having a planned calendar schedule is both good and bad. True- we do have scheduled nights off where people are free to organise as they please or where it is a community choice of what to do. But having very little free time, like in the case of almost constant scheduled activity from beginning of NA to end of PAC, takes away from the possibility that someone may organise an event. By no means am I criticising or saying to throw out the calendar. I love it. I love knowing when things are going to happen. But it also means that if you have prime play time slots already filled, planning another impromptu event is going to leave both sides lacking and possibly irritable. As Addy pointed out, Twinkie does have a much more active chat than others, and I believe that it significantly contributes to the feeling of community. You can't expect TS to be the only place to be social. Guild chats get chaotic, you have a million conversations going- believe me, I know. I'm in 4 guilds with active chats, and keeping them straight can be a pain. But as chaotic as gchat can be, there are people for whom TS is not the best or ideal way to bond with their fellow guildies. It gets just as loud and chaotic as guild chat, except that people can still participate in guild chat regardless of noise sensitivity, roommates, lack of mic, or what have you. We should be encouraging socialisation in both, because only emphasising one is alienating.
  4. PAC Reflect Training

    Can we get a lesson on calling phase 2 animations, too, so I can stop relying on my shadows to cover for me? :D
  5. Hey all, I just wanted to bring up that I have noticed a lot of our builds are out of date- I was trying to give someone a warrior condi build, and I was unaware that it no longer works. I think we need a serious overhaul of those guides so that we can ensure that our condi and reflects are set up to do their jobs as well as possible. If people come to me unsure of a class that I'm not familiar with, I don't want to be giving them the wrong information. As for reflect training, I have been in teams before that were not fully prepared (think- being told the right weapons, but not getting the right traits, such as the ones that enable those weapons to do their job, like mesmer focus and the trait that enables it to block projectiles), and it has had a major impact on the success of the wurm. I really like the idea of calling, and it can be extremely useful for zerg, but I also think that we should be emphasising learning the animations, which is not something that I've observed of late. Callers DC or fellow reflectors, so people need to be prepared to reflect without that safety net. I feel like condi and reflect training are not going the way they should be or accomplishing the right goals. I am partially responsible for that, I know, because I have been very disjointed in my condi training lately. I would be more than happy to collaborate on a guide to get us up to par. We are TTS and we are awesome, so I want people to be awesome. Additionally, as for the condi and reflect tests, I have been unable to find the resources meant to help me study/prepare for the test. If there are those guides out there, could we get the links to those? I very much want us to be prepared and fantastic on all fronts. Yes, our defence teams are doing pretty adequate jobs lately, but we could be doing better.
  6. About you!

    Name: Alia Raziel, Tour Guide Barbie, Tangled (teamspeak), approximately 7 other alts who need to be renamed Flax Farmer 1, Flax Farmer 2, etc. About Me: I'm a design student, so I pretty much live in the studio. I was pleased to learn that playing GW2 looks a lot like angrily inputting things into AutoCAD (so long as you can't see the screen). I have a cat named Janeway. Her company constitutes about 25% of my social life, and the other 75% comes from guild wars. I love singing. I'm one of *those* people- the ones you hear singing on ts during PAC. One of my proudest moments is when OCE told me I sounded like a Disney Princess. I've been playing since GW1 launched. As a result of playing an ele for 11 years straight, I do not understand the concept of meleeing or that people can survive 1v1 combat. Something People Don't Know About Me: I really enjoy filling out lists, which is why I filled this out despite knowing only 3 people will read it. Colour of Underwear: My sock pattern today is Van Gogh's Starry Night.

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