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  1. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Updates will be made shortly to reflect changing strategies and more specific skill recommendations.
  2. [NA Static] Spork Specialists Recruiting

  3. Trindine’s Traitor Squad (TTS) is looking for more members for our weekly raid boss kills! Our core team needs: A DPS main (both condi & power) who can ideally fill in druid or chronomancer roles if necessary. Alternatively, a healing druid, preferably with interest in kiting, pushing, etc. Others are welcome as long as we are able to shuffle roles. We are a NA-based group that currently runs 2 hour raid sessions, twice a week on Friday & Saturday beginning at 1:00am server time (8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST). Before replying, please carefully assess whether or not this time slot is convenient for you, as trying to force a schedule that doesn't work will hurt both sides. Our requirements General experience Broadly, we’re looking for players who are familiar with most bosses and their mechanics in Raid Wings 1-4 (a single training run can count). We will accept those with less experience but you will be expected to research encounters in advance and pick up the fights quickly. Communication and responsiveness When we raid, we use TeamSpeak for voice communications. Being able to speak during raids is extremely helpful but not mandatory. Throughout the week, we use Slack for ready checks and communications and require all members to have this (either on desktop or mobile) and respond regularly. Note that you will need an invite by email to access this channel. Honesty and respect We’re all human, we all make mistakes, and lag/disconnects are a part of gaming (Sabetha, Sabetha, Sabetha). Members are expected to be honest with each other and maintain a respectful environment, especially during the stress of raiding. This also includes respect for the time each of us puts into the group, by showing up on schedule and communicating when this isn’t possible. Knowledge and initiative We’re all learners and eventually hope to progress as a team through all of the raids the game offers. We expect that everyone who runs with us will bring the proper builds and at least a basic understanding of their roles. Outside of our raid sessions, it may be helpful to practise on the DPS golem, ask other raiders for help, read/watch guides, and stay up to date on the recognized meta. Depending on your classes, you can expect to be asked to learn certain special roles or take on small responsibilities as needed for specific fights. We look for measurable progress as we become more familiar with each boss and the team’s strategies. While we emphasize mechanics and adaptability over pure numbers, we have a high standard for consistency from week to week. It is beneficial for every raider to be familiar with different roles in a team. We expect you to have at least two classes or roles that you can raid with competently, and expanding your abilities over time is highly encouraged. Major roles: DPS: Weaver, Firebrand/Dragonhunter, Soulbeast, Mirage, Holosmith are all good current choices. Will be expected to have a power and a condi option to cover all fights. Having a support option is a bonus. Healer: Druid or Elementalist (situational). Chronomancer: Tank or Secondary. (FILLED) Warrior banner carrier. Commitment We want the majority of our members to run with a fairly predictable schedule and a strong commitment to the regular sessions, barring occasional real-life situations. For those that are interested in raiding with us but are uncertain about consistent attendance, you may volunteer to fill a spot whenever space appears to be open. How to join If you think our group and our times are a good match for you, reply here or send an in-game mail to "Trindine.4076". Please include your account name, what roles you can fill and your general raiding experience, along with your interest, either as core member or filler.
  4. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Serpent's Ire Written by Trindine Images by Trindine, Mealla Fallas, and Phil Hunter In the far east of Vabbi, Forgotten zealots lurk in the Brand... It is up to you to draw them out and end their threat. The Serpent's Ire meta spawns every 90 minutes in the eastern section of the Domain of Vabbi. There are three phases to this event, with the second phase being most demanding on the group for defiance bar management and DPS. Phase 1 takes place across the Brand and consists of luring out and defeating five zealots. The remaining two phases are centred around the Ruins of the Mirror of Lyss Point of Interest. The zealots will attempt to channel an explosion, and killing them leads to the final Forgotten boss with his pet hydra. - Table of Contents - Setting up Phase 1: Zealot hunt Phase 2: The great CC test Phase 3: Boss and his pet Tips and Recommendations Setting up Event area and waypoint. The waypoint for this event is Market Ruins Waypoint, in the centre of the Brand. Players will require a skimmer mount to survive in the open due to the lightning effect of the area. Going down in this area without the protection of a djinn barrier or cover from above will cause instant death. New characters can most easily access the event using the teleport on the Spearmarshal's Plea item, or entering from the Windswept Haven guild hall. The event can be done comfortably with approximately one squad of 50. Players are split into 5 groups (4 groups of five focused on CC, and 1 zerg) before the event starts, and have the five spawns of the zealots marked for Phase 2. One will be found at each corner of the court, and one at the Point of Interest. Area for phases 2 and 3 with zealot spawns marked. Phase 1: Zealot hunt To start, players must spread out and kill veteran or higher ranked Branded creatures in order to fill the orange bar. For each 20% that the bar is filled, one zealot will spawn somewhere in the Brand. The zealots' locations will not be revealed until someone has attacked it to start its event, which will place it on the map for all players in the area. Zealots are identified by their champion rank and bright magenta glow, and once engaged will have two random ley energy effects like the bounty targets found in Path of Fire. Often, a djinn will be near the zealot spawn and will move its protective shield close to the zealot to help with the fight. There is an 8 minute limit to defeat a zealot after it is revealed, and a 30 minute timer on the overall phase. Players should try to spread out between hunting Branded, finding zealots, and fighting revealed zealots, until all five have been defeated. Example of an unrevealed zealot, and one in combat displaying bounty-style abilities. Once the zealots have been dealt with, a timer will count down to the next phase. Players should use this time to move to their assigned spots and prepare their builds for CC and damage. Phase 2: The great CC test From this point onward, the djinn will protect all players in the courtyard from Branded lightning, so it is safe to walk around. The five zealots will spawn in their fixed locations and begin channelling an explosion, which has an orange bar on the side ticking down as they progress. If this bar is depleted, all players in the area are instantly downed, and the event ends. For each zealot that is channelling the spell, all zealots that are alive will gain one stack of Defensive Veil, which reduces their damage taken by 33%. This can only be removed by breaking their defiance bars, which interrupts their casting and allows some damage for a brief period, after which the bar returns and must be broken again. As there are 5 zealots to start, at least 3 of them must be broken simultaneously in order for any significant damage to be done. The strategy is to form 5 groups: 1 large zerg and 4 small CC groups. Each group should use a combination of soft CCs (which do damage over time to the defiance bar) and hard CCs (which do direct defiance bar damage) to break all zealots as quickly and frequently as possible. The zerg will focus DPS on one zealot at a time, starting in the northwest corner and moving clockwise. As each zealot is killed, the CC group will join the zerg and move to the next one, as each zealot killed slows the progress of the explosion permanently. All 5 zealots must be finished off before the bar empties out to proceed to Phase 3. Phase 3: Boss and his pet Pek In the final fight, there is a timer of 20 minutes to defeat the Forgotten Ysshi Hessani and the hydra Pek Rakt Grag. Damage should be always be focused on Ysshi rather than Grag, as when the hydra is killed, as long as Ysshi is alive, it will be revived with 50% health. Ideally, a few players can lure the hydra away from the main group to reduce damage to both sides. However, if the bosses become stacked, it is not worth trying to hold off on Grag, because it is likely to die first from cleave and AoE damage in combination with Ysshi's mechanics. Every minute, Ysshi will switch between immunity to melee and immunity to ranged, indicated by a blue icon. Note that this is determined by the type of attack used, not the distance you attack from (so range type attacks at melee range will still be blocked). Ysshi has a defiance bar which can be broken throughout the fight for a short stun and damage bonus, although immunities still apply. The fight can be difficult to see due to the large number of players and effects in the area, and many of the enemy attacks will knock players down and away. Branded crystals send out patterns of fire, but are easily destroyed. Midway through the fight, some new attacks are added. Players standing in front of the hydra are at risk of the crystal breath, which gains the effect of miniaturizing anyone hit. This effect lasts for one minute but cannot be removed. It prevents reviving and mounting, and greatly reduces damage dealt. A bright beam connecting a player to Ysshi will warn players of a fear attack, which is avoided by turning the character's model away from the boss. Ysshi during his invulnerable "sparks" phase. Starting at 25%, Ysshi will go invulnerable for about a minute and begin spawning Branded Sparks from the far south of the courtyard. Players should break off from the main group and kill the sparks while others attempt to distract the hydra. For each spark that manages to reach Ysshi, he will gain a 2% damage boost. (Some sparks appear to spawn directly by the boss and are extremely hard to stop.) When Ysshi's Determined buff reaches 50 seconds left, he will quickly wind up and do an explosion strong enough to down players. This can be avoided by being mounted when it happens, or simply dodging. After the explosion, there is approximately a 50 second window to attack Ysshi before the next invulnerability phase. Breaking the defiance bar is helpful to increase damage and minimize the number of phases before the kill. Once Ysshi is dead, just attack Grag from behind until it's dead, and the rewards are yours! Be careful about the lightning that will begin striking again almost immediately. Tips and Recommendations Zealots can spawn very close to the edges of the Branded area, or on top of the cliff next to the northern vista. For more information on how defiance bars work, see this guide. Despite this being a Path of Fire event, many of the builds that use PoF specializations have relatively little CC. Alacrity is very useful to have in every group as it makes everyone's CCs recharge faster! The main sources of this are chronomancers and revenants. Recommended skills by specialization: Warrior: Bull's Charge (utility), Skull Crack (mace burst with highest adrenaline) Berserker: Wild Blow, Head Butt Guardian: Bane Signet, Sanctuary, Hammer 4 Dragonhunter: Dragon's Maw Revenant: Jade Winds (Shiro elite), Staff 5 Herald: Glint elite (double tap) Renegade: Shortbow 5, Darkrazor's Daring Engineer: Slick Shoes, Big Ol' Bomb, Overcharged Shot Holosmith: Prime Light Beam, Holoforge 5 Ranger: Rock Gazelle F2, Electric Wyvern F2, Black Moa F2, Shortbow 5, Storm Spirit (sacrifice) Soulbeast: Porcine F2 (such as warthog) Druid: Glyph of Equality (outside of Celestial), Glyph of the Tides, Lunar Impact (Celestial Avatar 3) Thief: Tripwire, Basilisk Venom, Tactical Strike (sword stealth skill) Daredevil: Fist Flurry (double tap), Hook Strike (staff stealth skill) Elementalist: Staff air 3, Offhand focus 5, Offhand dagger 5, Ice Bow 5, Tornado 3 Other specs do not help CC. Mesmer: Signet of Humility (in Continuum Split if possible), Offhand pistol 5, Signet of Domination Necro: Flesh golem's charge, warhorn 4 Reaper: Shroud 5 and 3 (double tap), greatsword 5 (pull) Scourge: Shade skill F4, torch 5
  5. TTS Training Raids

  6. PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    Tribulation guild missions will continue as scheduled unless otherwise decided at this Saturday's session.
  7. Training raids are cancelled for this week.
  8. Don't know where to put your boss trophies? Find out here if your NA/PAC guild is close to one of those shiny gold decorations! https://tinyurl.com/NAPTrophies (totally not just copied over from OCE)
  9. NA/PAC training raids

    Your timezone converstion is correct (yay!). We are currently running at 3 AM UTC, so one hour later than that.
  10. Multitasking whilst playing GW2

    Not until you commandblock and call, Nexforce.
  11. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Could they start dropping? Maybe I'd actually get to finish that set.
  12. How Did You Pick Your Name?

  13. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Today Aeseld taught us that we can use Google Maps to convert the event calendar to our timezone.
  14. Due to all the raiders having their armor broken by double deaths in wing 4, training raids are cancelled for this week.

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