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  1. I always appreciated your presence, Meggly, in events or raids. I hope your Health improves, and wish u all the happiness. <3
  2. "Yuzorra's Yoyos" is a static raid group that runs on weekends at these times: Saturday 2pm - 5pm (server time) Sunday 2pm - 4pm (server time) We would like to recruit you if you are semi-exp or exp, and you want to clear raid wings reliably and quickly AND you want to take on spicy Challenge Modes! :D If you have attended a few training raids, and are a quick learner, you can finish becoming a True Raider with us. We are pretty friendly, and it is preferrable if you can use voice (either teamspeak or discord). It is good if you have at least one main class, and one other class that you can raid on, so you have a little flexibility. Most of us are multiclass. Contacts us on in-game mail: Epiril.5863 or iPlayForFree.1524
  3. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Racing to the top of the Teq Squad guild hall with one veteran and one newbie friend! :D
  4. I thought it was kinda neat how I captured the fireball being spat at my character by the Fire Hydra.... ... and how my character was like "pfff, it's hotter in the Fire Islands"
  5. Male or female

    Oooo, this is fun :) I always get called "bro" too... and part of me wants to go "I'M NAWT UR BRO, BUDDY!" <.< I self-identify as female alien from the planet Derp. I have 7 female characters, 1 male character, and 1 transgendered male character (he used to be a woman).
  6. Journey to the top of Terror guild hall

    Ha ha, my norn looks so aloof. Was fun. Thanks for building the JP, was it Saevai and Bunny? xo
  7. TTS Raffle

  8. Welcome Our New Oce Probie- Seraphic

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *drive-by cheering*

    Need... raffle.... *cough* ... to live... ^^
  10. [Spoilers] Head Of The Snake

    Braham is fine. It's my character's handling of his brattiness that seems off to me. :p I loved the episode, but hard to say which is my fav so far. Gotta find "E"!
  11. Timelords Guild Missions

    Good to see my timezone more active again :)
  12. A fond fairwell

    *sad panda Epi* That whole situation seems weird to me. Pretty much everyone knows who you are, but why did you leave Timelords? You are like the most noble Time Lady ever! :P
  13. Declining NA Division?

    E Z - Run the events :P If you run the events, there's a chance you'll spot yourself being active in the event! <.< G G (srsly, I don't have any real ideas other than that. just here to troll happily)

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks, Merfy for hosting raffle waffle snaffle :D I'll respond to your mail shortly.
  15. Congratulations to Rei!

    Hurray for Rei! :D

    Weeeeeeeeeeee! Mail sent. Although it's nice to get lots of gold in, wouldn't it be good for the poor people and newbies if you had some sort of max limit of tickets per player? Just a thought.
  17. I said it earlier, but I'll say it again: Thanks for keeping a night-owl Euroface entertained ever since I joined. :P *huggles*
  18. Break from gw2

    I'm a huge advocate for people doing what entertains them the most when it comes to games, and all of their spare time ofc. I hope you take the time to have loads of fun :) I don't know you, but I wish you all the best. xoxo -Epi
  19. Hi All

    O_o ... us mobs have feelings too! *goes back to the grind of trying to thwart the players' plans of greatness* (srsly, though - welcome) :)
  20. What are you listening to currently?

    Been sort of addicted to all the soundtracks, everywhere. :) Atmospheric stuff is the best.

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