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  1. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127874 (x2 - allllllll the shaders)
  2. Nutella & TTS

    I'm jealous
  3. Scary or Adorable? Gendarran Grandma

    That's a weird way to spell "terrifying"
  4. Another holiday season survived, if just barely. RIP 2015

  5. Why is TTS misrepresenting Circle Strat so much?

    This seems to be closer to the root issue. It's almost 2016 and we still even have members that don't know how to effectively manage their dodges, hard/soft CCs, and heals.
  6. lol #shotsfired http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Ilsensine
  7. Why is TTS misrepresenting Circle Strat so much?

    Leadership, as a whole, makes it a point to be familiar with all the mechanics of a fight and devise tactics around them. We constantly evaluate the pros, the cons, and overall climate of these events to determine which tactics to use and when to change direction. We're often in communication throughout the entire event in commander chat (you can ask commanders and community night volunteers). I mention something that sounds this basic because it provides a very different perspective from the general "zerg". TTS is highly organized. It provides us the means to be flexible, reactive, and efficient. In order to maintain these operating expectations, we do not have the time to provide an exhaustive list of reasons for making the decisions we do during the raid. When I see a thread like this, I find it difficult find an underlying objective discussion when wording like "misrepresent", "completely wrong", or outright stating that you "know" the intentions of other players, TTS members, and TTS leadership, is used both in a tone that implies belligerence, arrogance, and ignorance. Consider the following: Why do we ask folks to bring stun breaks at Teq? A novice answer would be feared players running away is a drop in DPS. Simple, yet true. An experience member might tell you that it's to prevent folks from dispersing and running through poison fields around the zerg. This is also true, and has a bit more forethought than the previous answer. A commander might respond that its to help ensure that the zerg stays tightly stacked, so that we can continue to focus our AOE heals, buffs, and cleanses in the same spot, creating a zone of safety. Again, also true, but this begins to develop a more thorough understanding of organizing the zerg and the mechanics of the fight. A leader though would also comment that, in addition to all the previously mentioned things, being feared into the south turrets signficiantly increases the probability that a champion grub or hypnoss may spawn, if not more. A fear suddenly pushing a dozen or more players into the South Turrets right before one of the 90 second spawn intervals can easily upscale mobs significantly. This can impact the defense teams ability to control mobs and protect the turret operators. In turn, Teq's scales could start climbing towards 20, cleanses may not be available, and the additional offensive and defensive buffs may not affect as many players, if anyone at all. Suddenly, a stun break has grown from a simple "I'm doing my job as a good zerg member" to "I'm doing my job to help ensure that the raid does not fail". Should leadership suddenly stop instructing players to bring a stun break because of this pretty narrow set of coincidences? Should we hold the expectation that because TTS members are of a higher caliber, that we'll just expect everyone to know when precisely to dodge to avoid Teq's fear, and instead replace that utility with a DPS boosting one instead? These are just an example of items leaders consider when deciding on tactics. If TTS always took the position of "this is what the pug meta is", we'd still have power teams at Triple Trouble. Attack on the Breachmaker would have had a zerg rotating for the phase when Scarlet's holograms split. I can only speculate on the number of preliminary tactics for Marionette or Queen's Gauntlet (mostly because I had quit playing GW2 regularly during that period) that were considered "the meta" at the time. Conversely, if TTS wanted to go with the speed run metas, half the guild would not be invited to our raids. tl;dr - We choose the tactics we do they are what work for TTS based on what we see works best based on multiple leader observations.
  8. http://www.konami.jp/mgs5/tpp/en/online/index.php5 Anyone playing/planning to play? Leave platform and player handles Steam - Zacharius
  9. In preparation for Heart of Thorns, we'll be doing a quick Temple and Consumables run on October 18th after Teq. This will be a great time for you to unlock gear for alts and stocking up on consumables. Also, it will be highly recommended to run any alts you have up through the Gates of Arah in Cursed Shore and Sati Waypoint in Fireheart Rise. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Temple_armor A full set of armor will cost 252,000 karma, and a full set of trinkets will cost 252,000 as well (504,000 total karma). Available stats are: Cavalier's (trinkets) Berserker's (armor) Cleric's (armor) Magi's (armor and trinkets) Rabid (armor and trinkets) Rampager's (armor) Soldier's (armor and trinkets)
  10. Coffee or Tea?

    When I was younger (and my stomach was much more durable ) coffee. Preferably with cream, but otherwise black, no sugar. These days, tea, no cream or sugar. Iced in summer, hot in winter. It's a particularly relaxing day, I might brew some chai from scratch.
  11. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Self report for being unable to find Kessex Hills during GMs tonight
  12. [News] A New Look - Feedback Thread

    Whew. After a really bad hangover, I'm glad that someone else changed the layout and that I hadn't accidentally logged in, played around with some skins, and logged while laughing at the confusion I was going to cause not-drunk me
  13. Congrats to Eury, NA Leader!

    10/10 would promote to leader again

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