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  1. Speed Run Records! (The Diamond Icon)

    Testing this. But also WOOO ALL PHASE 2 GERENT KILL. 5.21.2016_King.mp4 EDIT: Seems it didn't work like how I wanted....I will try to change the format to a .webm and see if that works..... EDIT 2:LET'S TRY IT 5.21.2016_KotJ.webm
  2. New Pacific Probie - Drecake!

  3. Shout out to you awesome people

    If it was PAC teq that was me xD but not sure I was Yellow >.<
  4. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Aeseld "Alright batteries head back!" Hmm there was another during that teq... Ah yes! "Grump holes"
  5. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Addy derped! "We still need numbers for TT so whisper your friends, followers, terds-."
  6. My first stressed filled wyrm commanding

    And there we have my 3rd time commanding! I'll probably stop posting every time I command now :X. But I lead amber again, there was much improvement to the previous night, tho still some things need improving I'm starting to get the hang of it now!
  7. My first stressed filled wyrm commanding

    I return with my second time commanding! Amber wyrm instead of crimson this time. My stress levels were much lower than before! I have some things I still need to work on but it'll be better with more practice!

    THEY BROUGHTIT BACK THEY BROUGHT IT BACK THEY BROUGHT IT BACK https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/info/updates/Game-Update-Notes-April-1-2016
  9. My first stressed filled wyrm commanding

    Crimson wyrm, as Addy said. Erin died once because I needed to call for a bit more vet wyrm clearing to help condi, but Raven went down a couple times to compensate the lack of deaths.
  10. Hey everyone I realized recently I didn't make a proper forum account, but I wanted to go ahead and share that I've lead my first wyrm! And despite my stress it went mostly well! I had...let's see if this [email protected] Erin @Addy @Liara and @Raven all there supporting me! Thanks everyone

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