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  1. [NA] Trust Issues recruitment

    Hi all, Trust Issues is looking for 2 members to join the team. We currently raid on Monday’s at 5pm - 8pm UTC sharp and have also been running on Wednesdays at the same time if we don’t get all done. We are a full clear team (will have Dhuum on farm soon enough) and are looking for people who are experienced and can pull their own weight. Multi class is preferred but we need competent chronos (not to say we don’t have currently......saber and mindset you’re awesome â¤ï¸) and dps. We try to keep it fun and relaxed but always making sure to focus when needed.......also occasionally we meme and kill our own for the luls. Shoot me an ingame mail at jprescott.8601 if you’re interested with your experience and feel free to drop into teamspeak on Monday. Thanks!
  2. Crys's Cubs

    Hi, Just got my first LI (I think it's called that) as we killed the hardest raid which was escort and looking to be carried for under 1 hour all boss kills on a weekly basis. Not got any classes geared but my closest would be a healing/tank scrapper which is the most viable class but all in soldiers gear because I like to stay alive. Will not be willing to take any criticism so you can't be mean but I am more than willing to help you flame others. Looking forward to you looking forward to having me on your team. ktnxbai
  3. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Merf invited you to the wrong slack group lol
  4. Make-A-Meme!

    (Submission from Spacey)
  5. New Raid Commander - Esk

    Yay congrats Esk!
  6. 2 Broken Wurms!!

    Crimson got to crit at 10:30 on the timer and Amber was there at 9:30. Just slowbolt letting us down!
  7. OCE's new Apple Juice Probie!

    *waves* hi everyone! See you in game at some point soon!
  8. OCE Raids 22/03/2016

    Yay for singing!

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