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  1. Stuff updated

    Awesome Thanks!
  2. [AMA] Asian commander

    The true answer to the "are Meggly and Merf the same person" question will be revealed at PAX AUS due to take place in Melbourne on the final weekend of October. All will be revealed then!
  3. Hi all, Due to the Living story Finale release and the want of many to get things done a bit quicker due to the expac announcement next week, we want to give everyone plenty of time to explore and have fun in the new story/map. With this is mind we have cancelled OCE events for Thursday 27/7 and Saturday 29/7. Feel free to engage with each other in Guild Chat and log onto Teamspeak to chat with each other about things, just please remember that there is a 2 week embargo on spoilers, except for in specific channels in Teamspeak. Have fun everyone! Meggly
  4. Welcome to the team Ravens King!
  5. Edited to include a slightly less pyro shot
  6. Congratulations to Srouc on graduating from his Probieship to full Commander! \o/
  7. OCE is proud to announce the arrival of a brand new probie : Rohin We hope you will all join us in celebrating his Probieship! \o/
  8. Male or female

    Thinking about things from a completely different angle for a moment... maybe I should create some male characters so I can hear some different phrases when looting etc for a bit
  9. Male or female

    no no no, not what I meant at all *hugs all round*
  10. Male or female

    Nawww I'm sorry guys, I was just teasing (darn me and my aussie sense of humor not getting through right) @Inari @Dreamydark
  11. Male or female

    Then congratulations to your character for identifying as female?
  12. Male or female

    wow I didn't expect this would become a 'we hate girls' thread :/ I considered making one of my toons male once, but I just couldn't hit the finalise button, it felt wrong.
  13. New OCE CO!

    Thanks I hope not to disappoint you all
  14. Male or female

    So as a female player who plays on female characters I am regularly addressed as 'sir' or 'bro' in chat with people presuming that I must be male, so I'm curious, how many of your characters are the opposite sex to what you are irl? Feel free to share why as well if you want, though pls remember to keep it pg. For me, all my characters are the same sex as I am irl.

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