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  1. applying 2 join raid guild - bug?

    oki well I tried the application several times so sry if it went through multiple times i wasn't sure if it was an error or not
  2. applying 2 join raid guild - bug?

    hi, I've been trying to apply to join the raid guild, but every time I do it says this: at first I thought it's because I used https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Pocket Duck but when I tried this it still gave me the same thing https://gw2efficiency.com/account/characters/ozzeh.7398 is this a bug or does it always say that? thanks
  3. the TTS I'm in has a ton of useful tactics and improvements sitting around, but as it stands now, only commander and up can use them. i know TTS doesn't really do or support WvW, but if it has access to these WvW related abilities, then why not allow people to use them? that sounds fair to me
  4. Would it be possible to allow members in general, or maybe of a certain rank, to use WvW things like claiming, activating tactics, and spending tactics? Like putting waypoints on keeps and stuff like that.

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