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  1. Website/Forum Downtime

    W8 wat!!
  2. TTS Flag Watch

    I approve of this. Now start recruiting dem flag watchers
  3. TTS Founder and History

    Cough* boss blitz * Cough
  4. Melbourne Named World's Most Livable City 2015

    Ofc, Melbourne bestest ;p
  5. RachelFraction Points

    When I whip the skin off your bones!
  6. Drunken Teq

    1 more day. Hype
  7. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    190!? WOW
  8. Never played guildwars 1, but I heard immortal Monk was OP
  9. Show Me What You're Cooking/Eating

    that looks delicious!
  10. Leader and TTS members derp page!

  11. The Three Word Story!

    Doesn't make sense
  12. Heart of Thorns Notes

    Good thing I held off the urge to sell all those 4silver ascended rings XD
  13. Heart of Thorns Notes

    I think its due to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb6jgcCVAPg
  14. But not include the word ugly (or anything that directly implies the same thing). To start off: 1. If you were a murellow, you would still be a single one. 2. You look like an angel fallen down from heaven, except you landed face first. P.S this is for fun and jokes only, if you are ugly and feel offended, I'm...I'm terribly sorry. (Unless you're actually a murellow, then you deserve it)
  15. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    lol, I swear I've heard this name being thrown around many times b4 ;p

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