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  1. Craft Guide: Legendary Weapons

    I managed to find all the mats I need for the first three levels of precursors, but what I didn't expect were all the mats required for the second collection. Definitely worth checking that stuff out, as none of the material calculators on the wiki include that stuff. For Bolt, that's lots of time limited items (Deldrimor Ingots and Charged Quartz Crystals) so good to start planning early.
  2. I will empty my bank of pouches of pigment and drop them off today.
  3. Gear Requirements

    No worries, I dropped from TS pretty quickly once I realized that I was under-classed at the time, so I probably didn't hear most of your suggestions. I was given the impression in my own Guild chat that it was going to be a no-prep sort of raid training, so I hadn't looked at any builds or anything beforehand, and wasn't really feeling like trying to re-spec on the fly to match up. At this point, I'll probably stick with lower level fractals and maybe some dungeons for now, and re-visit raids later once the money pressure of saving up for a legendary is gone and I can be a bit more flexible.
  4. Gear Requirements

    Ah, i must have misunderstood the Raid chat, I thought they asked about chest piece, I actually have an ascended back piece and a few ascended trinkets at least.
  5. Gear Requirements

    I've only been playing for a year and a half or so, and there was a good chunk in the middle there where I didn't play much. Up until now, I've my full set of exotics have been enough to carry me through any content I've wanted to do in the game so far (namely zone meta events, story missions, and world bosses.) I'm vaugely aware that later fractals require agony infusions, which require ascended gear, but I otherwise though I was golden. Then this weekend I tried to join a raid training group and got pretty much laughed out of there. I'm not looking for help gearing up. Discovering how to do these things and muddling my way through is part of the fun for me. I'm really just looking for a list of the things in GW2 i really shouldn't be trying until I get my legendary weapon and/or ascended armor. Basically looking to avoid embarrassment as I fiddle around with the LFG tool and try some things that I've been scared of up until now.

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