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  1. I've been spending a lot of time lately on this using youtube videos on one screen and my ele in the dps golem zone in another (practicing my spit blocking rotations, but also prepping to start calling soon). Just wanted to say this is an awesome application and thank you so much for sharing!
  2. Screenshot from today :)

    Gw2-64 2016-05-24 21-39-20.jpg

  3. Here's another if you need it.Gw2-64 2016-05-21 21-40-11.jpg

  4. Congrats Rickzores!
  5. My dog definitely never needs more attention than right when the wurms appear. It almost seems like an inevitability that she will start doing something she isn't suppose to be doing exactly when I need to be focused on GW2... I think she's smart enough to realize this is her exact time to take advantage!
  6. Congrats Dre!
  7. Congrats!