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  1. Break Bar (CC) Guide

    That's wonderful.
  2. Break Bar (CC) Guide

    Break Bar Guide By Addy Winchester and Inari Kamihara With help from the wiki... And let's be honest, Inari did the hard parts........ Gifs by Necrojinn Introduction What Is A Break Bar? What Happens When The Break Bar Is Depleted? What Is Crowd Control? Soft CC VS Hard CC Class Specific Skills Warrior Guardian Revenant Engineer Ranger Thief Elementalist Mesmer Necromancer Introduction Have you ever been doing something within the game where people start yelling "break" or "break the bar" or "CC". Are you one of the many people who either does not know what that means, or at least unsure? That's okay! Many players in the realm of Guild Wars 2 do not properly know about break bars, how to properly address break bars, or at least are unsure of the skills each of their classes have that are used to break that dreaded bar. We are here to assist in that understanding. You will become a break bar god. What Is A Break Bar? Well, first off, it's also known as the defiance bar. Rarely anyone actually calls it that, but important to know just in case. The break bar is a separate bar beneath the opponent's health bar (picture shown a little later on). Typically, champion and legendary level bosses are the type of mobs who will have this extra bar, though once in a while some veterans can as well. The goal of the break bar is to deplete it as quickly as possible; some bosses even have a timer that if you don't break it in time, bad things happen! (i.e. Legendary Brazen Gladiator in Chaos Isles fractal where he pulls anyone within range to him and does some serious damage, or Samarog in the fourth raid wing who will kill whoever he/she is pummeling to death if the bar is not depleted in time.) So what does the bar look like? When the bar is grey, such as above, the boss is immune to crowd control. This means your CC skills do absolutely nothing in terms of effects; it is a simple skill for damage. As the bar turns teal, it is time to use crowd control skills to deplete the “health” of the bar. Use those CC skills until there is nothing left! Once the bar is broken, it then turns orange and steadily regains its “health”. The bar is recharging, therefore your the effects of CC skills do nothing once again. How does it look with the enemies bar? Like so! Photo courtesy of Guildwarshub.com What Happens When Break Bar Is Depleted? When the health of the break bar is depleted, the enemy has been broken. The depletion of the bar interrupts, stuns, knocks down, and/or exposes the enemy. You, my friend, are temporarily safe from being kicked around like a sack of potatoes. For like two seconds. Yey? Exhibit A: Link to GIF What Is Crowd Control? Crowd control, also known as crowd effects and often shortened to "CC", skills are effects that affect actions, movements, skills, etc. Enemies with break bars are immune to such effects; instead they deplete that break bar as aforementioned above. There are two different types of these "CC" skills; soft CC and hard CC. Soft CC skills are skills that tick over time, slowly depleting the “health” of the bar. Hard CC skills on the other hand take out big chunks of the bar. Soft control examples: Fear, taunt, immobilize, slow, chill, blind, cripple, weakness Hard control examples: Daze, stun, knockdown, knockback, launch, pull, freeze, sink, float, transform Let's actually see the difference in the two different types of crowd control: Soft CC example: Link to GIF Hard CC example: Link to GIF Class Specific CC Skills Get ready folks, this is gonna be a long one. Warrior Guardian Revenant Engineer Ranger Thief Elementalist Mesmer Necromancer
  3. Archive-R-Tron

    I would love something like this. Especially if they add everything back that I deleted because I don't have room to keep all the books and such we've received over the years...
  4. Introducing your brand new Probie - Oldack!

    You win the funniest introduction ever.
  5. Stepping Down

    With a heavy heart, I am announcing my resignation as a commander for TTS. It was a long, hard decision, but I sadly just don’t have the time commitment to be a commander anymore, and it isn’t fair for anyone, especially my fellow commanders who are constantly left wondering if and when I will ever be around. My work schedule is night based and inconsistent, and life just may be changing a lot soonish, so stepping down is just what needs to be done for now. The past year and a half has meant the world to me. It is through TTS and being a commander that I have met lifelong friends and more. I won’t be disappearing from TTS altogether, and I’ll still help out at events when I am around, but I want you all to know what a pleasure it has been to be a commander for all of you guys in TTS. It is a great community we are apart of. Feel free to shoot me a whisper, mail, or yell in one of the guilds. It was a hard decision, maybe just a little bit emotional right now... but life just comes first. Stay awesome guys, and don’t go silent on me! With all my love, Addy Winchester Your Taimi Commander
  6. Guide Master Post (WIP)

    Break bar guide has been added to the master guide post.
  7. Guide Master Post (WIP)

    Hey all, Having trouble trying to find a particular guide you are looking for? Whether it be KotJ, Triple Trouble, or the raid intro guide, here is the master list for you, all in one place. It is (hopefully) going to be continuously updated with new things we create, as well as some of the current guides being updated with new information (such as the raid guides). Enjoy. Core -Tequatl (Builds need updating - super old) -Shatterer -Triple Trouble -Reflect Guide -Condi -Reflect Calling Heart of Thorns -King of the Jungle (Gerent) -Dargon Stand coming soon! Raids -Introducing the TTS Raid Guild (Ranks need updating) -Getting Started With Raids Miscellaneous -Legendary Weapon Crafting Guide -Break Bar Guide @Erik I fixed it don't mind me... *gives cookie to pretend Addy Fail didn't happen*
  8. [AMA] Asian commander

    Who is your favorite at PAC?
  9. I Need a New Name

    I like Nex's idea.
  10. The sky is just absolutely beautiful. I wanna take some effects to my pics.
  11. One Path Ends Deadpool

    I love Taimi's personality... she's so goofy. Like, the way she says stuff is just great.
  12. With Much Love

    Love you always, Rei <3
  13. Welcome to the team.
  14. Proposal for updated Teamspeak Icons

    I agree. Let's get spoon icons. Party pooper!
  15. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    "Yesteradays and today since sleep face last did." ~Dan 2017 @DDJD9 If you can translate, be my guest.
  16. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Don't lie!
  17. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Not a derp but entertaining nonetheless.... Lim, Taki, and Nexforce singing Barbie Girl in Twinkie's guild chat.... And I can't spell don't judge.
  18. I...I can't....

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 99.75... This is glorious.
  19. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Y_Y Least you love me the way I am right........ derpy and all. ALSO AESELD HAD 2 DERPS!!! We were supposed to run Teq tonight but he said AB in his spam so we went with it anyways!! And then he was trying to drop pizzas for condi and instead ate some instead of dropping a plate :))) RIGHT @Aeseld
  20. What are you listening to currently?

    What you insinuating, Srouc <.<
  21. If you scroll down to the "Reflect Calling" part, you will see gifs of the different animations and what they are. Though, the best way to learn the animations is to keep going to reflect and now just listening to your caller, but really seeing what the animations are. Below that, same link, is more information on husk blocking as well. Could be updated more detailed maybe? (I just reflect, not block, so I don't know the amount of detail blocking has)

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