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    Gaming, a small little show called Supernatural, books, cosplay, cats. writing, drawing, much more

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  1. The sky is just absolutely beautiful. I wanna take some effects to my pics.
  2. I love Taimi's personality... she's so goofy. Like, the way she says stuff is just great.
  3. Love you always, Rei <3
  4. Holy .-.
  5. Welcome to the team.
  6. I agree. Let's get spoon icons. Party pooper!
  7. Lol....spoons
  8. "Yesteradays and today since sleep face last did." ~Dan 2017 @DDJD9 If you can translate, be my guest.
  9. Don't lie!
  10. Not a derp but entertaining nonetheless.... Lim, Taki, and Nexforce singing Barbie Girl in Twinkie's guild chat.... And I can't spell don't judge.
  11. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 99.75... This is glorious.
  12. Y_Y Least you love me the way I am right........ derpy and all. ALSO AESELD HAD 2 DERPS!!! We were supposed to run Teq tonight but he said AB in his spam so we went with it anyways!! And then he was trying to drop pizzas for condi and instead ate some instead of dropping a plate :))) RIGHT @Aeseld
  13. What you insinuating, Srouc <.<