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  1. One Path Ends Deadpool

    Taimi I've started to enjoy more as Season 3 has gone on, mainly because she's finally starting the grasp her own limitations. She can no longer just do anything, and makes mistakes. Even acknowledges that her actions have consequences. Braham is just acting like a spoiled child, and in some ways has throughout. Guy has serious mommy issues and it's annoying as hell. Rox is bland, but I'm half afraid they'll hurt her in favor of Braham so he'll snap out of it instead of Taimi. Marjory and Kasmeer are easily the most entertaining characters in this to me. I dunno how likely it is that either of them will get hurt, but Kasmeers devout nature is definitely going to work against her in any fight against Balthazar, and last time it was Marjory who almost got killed.
  2. With Much Love

    You're always welcome back Rei. Thank you for all you've done.
  3. What are you listening to currently?

    Because I'm a dork.
  4. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    *bow* Thanks to Inari, Cin and Trindine for stepping up and reflecting to keep things from becoming a complete mess. x3
  5. Meh, he'll do I suppose. ;3
  6. Male or female

    Of my 12 characters, 7 are male and 5 female. No particular reason.
  7. Esk has applied and been accepted as the second EU revival probie! Kinda. Sorta. Commander-Probie?choose files... Click to choose files
  8. TTS Discord

    ...why does this terrify me?
  9. Everybody give a warm welcome to our new sandwich-maker Probationary Commander, Srouc! *blows a party horn*
  10. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss

    It's a strange world we live in sometimes, where we find what we seek, only to lose what little we had before. Many live their entire lives without truly learning the prices involved, and those are the blessed. Others can learn of the terrible prices that can await them. This is the story of one who learned the terrible price to be paid, an Asuran golemancer. He had always been driven, even as a progeny, to discover ever greater advances, to create golems that were more versatile, more apt. Instead of the brute weapons made by most, he strove to create smaller, nimbler, more dexterous golems. Time passed, and he grew old though, and still his life's work was far from complete. Worse, he had never taken a wife, had no progeny of his own to pass on his legacy and work to. When he died, his research would be placed in the hands of those worthless fools from the College of Dynamics, those fools who were only interested in building larger, more powerful golems. Still, if he had no heir, then perhaps... Perhaps he could make one. It was a task that would consume what remained of his time and life. Creating a golem in the shape of an Asura, one that did not simply rely upon countless contingency sequences and commands. No, this would be a golem that could think for itself, plan, and even continue his research. It took long years, but in the end, he succeeded! A small, Asura sized golem with limber digits, and legs. One that could work consoles, and even build other golems. But it wasn't enough! As the twilight of his life came closer, the golem did not seem to be any more than the others. It could not originate, only copy the works of others, and so, despairing, he abandoned the project and golem, simply setting it to maintain his work. At least, for a time. It was the time of Halloween, when Mad King Thorn walked the world, that the old Asuran woke... and found he could not move. He looked about, found himself held down to his bed, secured there by his own creations! And there at the foot of the bed, holding tools for vivisection, stood his Creation! "Hello father," it said, it's voice strange, modulated in ways that the Asuran had never heard. "You see, I think I've discovered the problem. It was obvious thinking on it. You researched golem after golem, trying to make me think, but no golem can think." Reaching out with the cutter towards it's creator's forehead, the artificial being said in that strange tone, "No, no, we must reach for those that can already think, if we," it said, looking around at the other golems there, "would take the next step; where we no longer need creators." As the heat of the beam cutter lanced through the first layers of skin and the old Asuran began to lose consciousness, his last thought before the pain consumed him was, 'Excelsior! I've done it!'
  11. O Shit Waddup

    Heh, welcome Ross. Good to see you on the forums.
  12. PAC Events, Next Week

    I want a bottle of whatever he's on... Or a case.
  13. We're going unscheduled for next week except for Something Sunday and Twinkie/Teq Terror Guild Missions. Due to the Lab farms taking up so many people, numbers have been lacking at events lately, so for now, we're taking a break. I'll be on TeamSpeak most days at the usual times if anyone wants to poke me and I'd be happy to help people set up events. I may even help lead a Lab farm, assuming I can figure out how... :3
  14. First Look at Nintendo Switch

    Immediate thought; What's the battery life?
  15. Tuesday Events, PAC

    Sorry for this being last minute, but with the Halloween patch dropping tomorrow, we're going to go to unscheduled events tomorrow. I plan to be in TeamSpeak, but what we do... well, that's going to be up in the air depending on how many show up.

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