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  1. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    I pranked someone long ago as a little Joker.. Then my brothers clan was Fire.. Joker-Fire (sometimes i throw in the X cause it looks pretty or plain JokerFire was taken)
  2. Craft/Hobby Time! What do you do IRL?

    Dis is The Blue Reaper, built July 2014 and still running strong today.
  3. PAC Reflect Training

    I could also teach people away from TT and do a practice run. Thats how i helped completely new people call
  4. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    That is totally understandable that people wish to lead things and have some recognition if they have lead so many times that people could look if they have questions or need help I know the commander requirements have been lowered and all but some other people wish to play and rep with other guilds yet they wish to help out and command for a certain event and/or at certain time. There is a fine line between community commander (someone who pokes) and the other type (the old Dorito) but when you look at it from a perspective from someone like Liara or any of the other former dorito holders they have worked hard and this fine line becomes a large deal and you just took it away from them. and no Liara in my eyes this doesn't seem like you`re being too sensitive
  5. Reflect Guide [Joker's Version] Updated 2/12/16

  6. Reflect Guide [Joker's Version] Updated 2/12/16

    Once im fully clear with everything else i might work on an advanced section.. Just for now my main focus was bringing the new people who want to try reflecting something to look at since some of the time zones seemed to lack reflectors and callers.
  7. Reflect Guide [Joker's Version] Updated 2/12/16

    Thats how the font is but i can see if i can better the spacing and lighten the watermark.. and i lets see what i can do about the letters maybe i can get an outline So it seems i cannot lighten the watermark anymore but i did get a larger spacing and i also got an outline but I'm not too sure it helps.. Ex 1 is just the double spacing and Ex 2 is the outlined version. I'm not sure it makes much of a difference, maybe larger font or different font would? What do you think? ReflectGuideEx1.pdf ReflectGuideEx2.pdf

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