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  1. Scribe needed!

    I need a Superior sigil of concentration, which on the TP goes for 50-60g. I was wondering if TTS has a scribe that would be willing to craft one for me instead. I have all the supplies and it would save me half the cost of buying. I will even provide the small bit of coin needed for account bound items.
  2. A Fond Farewell

    Your health is the most important. I hope you surround yourself with positive people and activities. Take care and I hope your life can take a turn for the better :)
  3. New Pacific Probie - Rei

    Congratulations Rei, it is a perfect match :D
  4. Triple Trouble: Reflect calling - A Visual study app

    You are a hero!
  5. CHARR!

    The hair is the best part. It's so wild XD
  6. CHARR!

    So I did a makeover on my Charr Engineer a few days ago. When I look at her I just can't. I don't know why but she looks so unique and cool to me T_T

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