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  1. Fire and Ice Warriors complete!

    One more of them out of combat:
  2. Fire and Ice Warriors complete!

    Finally got Koda's Warmth and the Icebrood backpack. So happy that the latest update brought back the Glacial Gauntlets along with adding the Icebrood Horns backpack and Koda's Warmth! Icy wardrobe pieces: Winter's Presence Frostfang Corrupted BulwarK Shield Glacial Gauntlets Icebrood Horns Backpack Fiery wardrobe pieces: Flamewrath Gauntlets Flamewrath Warboots Fused Sword Rodgort Koda's Warmth Thoughtless Potion Fires of Balthazar Backpack
  3. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    Thank you. I'll give that a read.
  4. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    Is anyone able to list out the correct stat types for the different classes? The rest of the game is pretty lax with what kind of character you want to play as, so this will be my first time crafting some gear for something specific. My last experience was in FFXIV playing the tank role so I'd love to do that, but I'm game for any other role as well.
  5. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    What are the requirements of TTS raid gear? I have multiple 80's for all classes in Exotic gear, one with Ascended trinkets, but ended up being the odd one out for raid picks last time. I want to learn and do this because the rest of the game isn't providing much with these quarterly updates.
  6. Training Raid - Vale Guardian, Gorseval

    Would love to join. Need to learn this shtuff so I can participate regularly. :)
  7. Scary or Adorable? Gendarran Grandma

    Bobble! Majestic.

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