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  1. I just want to share a view from top of the jumping puzzle in terror guild hall. It started with 3 of us, Bright, Epi and me. Bright decided to show us the jumping puzzle in terror guild hall. When we were half way to the top, obstacle happened. The interruption to Bright's connection was too strong enough to make Bright dc. To make things worse, I fell to death once too. But why do we fall down? Because we have to get back up and fight. I started climbing from start again and Bright also reconnected but just to tell us that he had to do weakling's stuffs like sleeping. In the end, only 2 of us made it. It was worth the effort. The view up there was quite enjoyable. Here are some screenshots ( Sorry, I'm not the best at taking screenshots ). Thank you to Bright. Sorry about my english.
  2. [Sign up] OCE Static Group 2 - Merf's Mermaids

    Finalbreathe.5371 Currently not in TTS raid Slack ( [email protected] ) <- For Slack Prof : Mesmer: Chronotank (https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Evanskii ) Warrior: PS Berserker (https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Evanzki ) Guardian: DPS-Support DH ( https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Blake Evanski ) Thief: DPS DD (https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Eri Evanski ) Please ignore the trinkets. My toons share trinkets because I'm poor/working on it :P . I have all classes in powerbase gears if needed. Raid Exp : Newbie ( 8 LI ) Have participated in TTS raid training and succeeded raid with 2 pug groups ( SV and Sloth )
  3. Watch icecream Eat arrow 

  4. Staying honorable in a dishonorable world is what deserves admiration xD

    1. Aria Talon

      Aria Talon

      such wisdom... I wonder who said that :P


    2. Evanski


      U dont really want to see the original one ;) <3

  5. Ever duo a garri? Cuz I did it once ;) 

  6. CHOO CHOO here comes the pip train! >:3



    *No MMR tank*

  7. We spent 20 mins making this profile banner. it's not my idea tho xD

  8. What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race ;)

    1. Jacobbs


      Coop, saying "Murph!"

    2. Evanski


      Well it's letter "E" xD


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