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  1. SEA / West AUS Static Group

    Account: SumDumGai Roles Warrior PS Necromancer (Condi Reaper) just ascended Daredevil (DPS) just ascended Condi Engineer Revenant (DPS) Raid Experience VG and Gors and then some 14 Legendary Insights (as of this posting) Available Days/Times - (from Sydney) Monday Thursday Friday on the weekends but Life just takes over those days
  2. Where do i sign up for raids...

    1. Erik


      Hey Ronin, unfortunately I can't help you with this.


      As web admin, I simply make sure things work around here - but am not affiliated with TTS' structure.


      You could try the search feature which is top right, however. 

    2. Esk


      HI im the EU time zone raid commander and spotted this post, here is the application form http://ttsgamers.com/tts-raid-guild/

  3. Joined TTS for Raids

    Doing nearly everything (TEQ - fastest time and Mordremoth fatsest time even working through completing TT) but raid.... sigh Went full asc zerk for these and nothing... sighh <frustration commence>

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