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    Hi all! I'm Tami, and I've been a member of TTS for a little while now. I joined up when I first started playing GW2, and left several months in, but now I'm back. I've been playing since late 2015, but took a break late 2016 to start my military career. Went to bootcamp, had an awful time, started specialty training, got kicked out for a number of health issues, started a different training, and I'll be graduating soon (finally). My schedule is a little erratic, but I'm on most weekends and afternoons. If you'd like to add me in game, I'm TamiyoMoon.8423. My main is Tami Moon (sylvari DH), along with Kiora Blue Waves (human Tempest), Xitaa Strionic (asura mesmer), and Skyshroud Felidar (charr ranger). I'm pretty active in the general GW community- I command Triple Trouble at almost every slot and have done so for about a year now. (Trindine-approved TT guides coming soon). I do most HoT metas, Teq, anything provided that I'm awake enough and not being lazy >.> When I'm not gaming or in class, I'm usually swimming, sleeping, or going to the beach. Pensacola beaches are pretty nice, but there's sooo many people there ;-;

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