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  1. Dungeon Solos

    For Arah only.*
  2. Dungeon Solos

    You don't have to do story mode to unlock the explorable paths anymore. Alright, hear from you soon.
  3. Dungeon Solos

    Harpy Feathers, Order of Whispers Spy Kit, Ash Legion Spy Kit, Pot of Hylek Poison for trash run. Medical Pack is good for extra swiftness, fury and heal. Optional: Hylek Blowgun is useful if you're running melee build and want to pull mobs from range (like Inquests on Abom boss). Rock for break bar.
  4. Dungeon Solos

    Herald: + High solo DPS + Near infinite dodges + Tons of projectile destruction which is HUGE in p2 Berserker/Warrior: + Best mobility + Lots of dodges - Lack of projectile defense Tempest: + High DPS + Lots of blocks, reflects and invulnerability - Not much room for error Daredevil: + Easy skips because of stealth + Near infinite dodges + Staff is amazing once you mastered it + Invigorating Precision is the best solo trait. - Not much room for error In general, you want to pick the one you're comfortable with. Other classes should work too but I've never completed the whole path with them but I think that's just a l2p issue for me.
  5. Dungeon Solos

    Well I can take you to a few runs. I usually do it within a few hours of reset.
  6. Dungeon Solos

    Just talking about path 2 here as it's the most solo friendly path. All trash mobs can be skipped. The bosses are fairly easy as they are either slow or have some cheesable mechanics. The last boss is pretty much just a huge DPS check. However, it can be hard to recover if you do make mistake. Lupicus is probably the hardest boss here (unless you cheese it with Wall of Reflection, but I wouldn't recommend it because the fight is actually pretty fun). Stock up on your consumables especially the stealth ones as they help a lot with the long skips. Stock up on Powerful Potion of Undead Slaying and food (Truffle Steak, Fried Golden Dumpling, Omnomberry Ghost & Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew are what I usually use). Bring a class that you have great knowledge with, run high DPS builds. Unlike in a full party settings, you might find the need to equip defensive utility skills or trait defensively. However, the gears should always be full Berserker/Viper. Your weapons should have Sigil of Force + Sigil of Undead Slaying. That being said, it's very useful to have extra weapons with Sigil of Energy. Doing this solo is pretty time consuming though, so it might not be the best way if you just want to farm the tokens. The gold reward is pretty bad too as it barely covers your food cost. Despite all that, this is a really great way to improve yourself as a player and it's fun. So if you're interested, look up YouTube for those solo videos and just jump in right after you gear up. :D
  7. Dungeon Solos

    I still solo Arah p2 daily. What do you want to know?
  8. [Request] Condition Thief

    Condi Reaper is better because of Blood Magic traitline, it helps with the sustain, however minor it is. As for Condi Daredevil, they bring close to no group utility (the breakbar venom is alright but not that essential) due to stealth and blinds not being useful in raids. Also note that swapping out your DPS skills (especially the venoms) for utilities is a HUGE DPS loss. Hence, if you really need the stealth/blinds for non-raid content, you're better off with a Power Daredevil.
  9. [Request] Condition Thief

    http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAo4Yn8lCNNhFNBemC8PhlWCjbIcEKCznwW4LULAEiWAA-TBiHQB0T9H9oEcXK9K3+DkTvQteAAA4kAQQlBkCYRlVA-e This is my experimental build. Condi Daredevil is not that great compared to Engi and Berserker due to the lack of sustained pressure, but it's still decent in group-play and good for breakbar. Don't use this for solo gameplay though, it's kinda lame. Usage: Dodge to keep Lotus Training 10% condition damage increase up. Use Channeled Vigor to regain dodge when needed. Use Skale and Spider Venom off cooldown (with 4 other teammates nearby of course) for the burst damage. Spam Death Blossom (D/D 3) and weapon swap off cooldown. Autoattack when everything else is on cooldown.
  10. Triple Trouble: Condi Team

    Gekku pls, gimme some time to write it. On a side note, you linked my condiguard build to Ivan's one. xD
  11. Triple Trouble: Condi Team

    I'm bored, but I'm too lazy to create new threads. So I'm just gonna share some builds here. Furnace Elementalist HGH Engineer Quick Draw Ranger Venomous Daggers Thief Signets Necromancer
  12. Someone made this guy a probie....

    I must be very bad at this sarcasm thingy. :(
  13. Someone made this guy a probie....

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think Fortis is still alive. :O
  14. Pic(Re)flects Guide for Triple Trouble

    I know, just that rangers need to be included in that list now too.
  15. Pic(Re)flects Guide for Triple Trouble

    They're still saying only warriors and necros can't reflect even though rangerflect is worse than warriorflect now. :(

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