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  1. Braham is just so terribly written. Well, so is Taimi. Lets get 'em out.
  2. hi id like 2 buy the challenge motes :^)
  3. ;)
  4. hi, can we not call it "crys cubs" and instead call it "super awesome funtime raiding group with crystalliser, the lesser of all raiders, combined xD memes" instead? ty
  5. i changed my vote and now i regret it. feelsbadman
  6. Yes.
  7. I play guild wars 2 everyday :^)
  8. thats not what i read at first
  9. sometimes we need a blast to the past
  10. i am so triggered
  11. The forums have received multiple updates across the board today, all aimed at improving performance for users on slower connections. Overtime, as we've added features - the forums became bloated for mobile users, and in general quite unresponsive. Changes implemented today should hopefully relieve some of that slow load, while maintaining the sleek look we've all come to love (hopefully).
  12. Good morning everyone, Unfortunately late last night, the server became unresponsive and I was not around to diagnose issues. Yesterday, I ran routine updates that caused the server to screech to a halt. The issue has been identified and a fix has been put in place. I'll continue to monitor the website/forums today, and we'll see how things work out. Hopefully everything is quick and snappy like it used to be! Edit: The issue continues to persist. I will continue to investigate. Edit 2: A fix has been implemented and the situation seems to be under control.
  13. that was nifty.