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  1. The strategy for reflecting on the TT Wurm should be updated to discuss blocking husks. We seldom have a condi team anymore, so descriptions of the animations would be great.
  2. Books, Books, Books

    To continue a champ farm conversation, I am listing below links to authors or publisher websites that offer great reads, often in long series. These are a mix of science fiction/fantasy. http://michellesagara.com/ She writes under several names and has three different series going. http://korval.com/ Home for Sharon Lee/Steve Miller, authors of the Liad series. Some free books and short stories from their series can be found at the publisher site for http://baen.com http://baen.com This publisher believes in DRM free books. They offer a Free Library containing e-book versions of first books/first series books from a variety of authors. It's nice to be able to sample an author before you buy. http://www.jdrobb.com/ A long series of mystery novels written under this pseudonym for Nora Roberts. http://www.wenspencer.com/ Wen Spencer has written several series. My favorite (only 4 books so far) is the Tinker series. She also is very active on Facebook, where she has been giving writing advice while showing the first draft(s) of a book (non-series) she started writing. Being another Baen author, you can also catch her advice in the Baen forums at http://bar.baen.com. You can sample her writing in Baen's Free Library where she has some short stories available.
  3. Speed run records

    Why hasn't the OP been updated? OCE rules again on Teq. You should have been there. And I think we can do better. I'm upgrading some equipment on my ele.
  4. Guild Wars 1 Group

    Just FYI, if you need guides or questions answered, guildwarsguru.com is still the active forum to find community. Also still has an active buy/sell forum, as Guild Wars has no in-game trading post.
  5. Monthly Update - December

    To the original question, I like the update format.

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