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  1. The Teq Squad Decor

    Teq Squad's new gathering garden lol
  2. The Teq Squad Decor

    Heh I'm sure Nex showed you the picture already :D
  3. The Teq Squad Decor

    Thank you Spear :D and thanks for all your clouds! Nex and Mylo crafted all the walls and other decors :3 I could make one in your gh for you if you like :D it usually comes with body, arms and legs but reason our chars was crying is because someone accidentally erased them lol.
  4. The Teq Squad Decor

    maze at the mine wp in gh. can you find the king frog at the end??? CAN YOU? CAN YOU?!
  5. The Teq Squad Decor

    LOL ya, those cracked me up when i was placing them xD Nex didnt really like them since i said the princess is his wife and hes like "so are you saying my wife is ugly?!" QQ
  6. The Teq Squad Decor

    nex in his office
  7. The Teq Squad Decor

    I wonder if anyone took a screenshot of our mascot I named after nexforce that lasted for only 2 weeks or so
  8. The Teq Squad Decor

    Well, I was trying to get a good shoot of the spiral stairs i just finished remaking, nex was climbing it and i guess he gave up and decided to fly towards me? it kinda just happened lol. pft, this doesn't take that long to explain @NexForce
  9. Random FUN things in The Teq Squad

    the reactions was SO worth holding down the alt key for.
  10. 100 Gold for FUN

    It kind of is? It's more on the sparkly ball.. If you go to The Teq Squad's gh crystal you'll see what I mean lol.
  11. 100 Gold for FUN

    Lol i used the shatter crystals. This was at the The Teq Squad(is the best squad).
  12. 100 Gold for FUN

    mirror writing is HARD The Teq Squad

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