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  1. Ca├Ęsar The Salad

  2. Triple Headed Wurms

    This might just be old news that I've gotten hyped up over nothing about but, I was taking a screenie on Stormbluff Isle in Bloodtide coast and accidentally caught a glimpse of a random Wurm popping out of the ground during an OCE raid. Decided to stay up till EU to get another glimpse of it. I ended up finding another Wurm not far from the original spot, and managed to get a few screenshots of that too. If this isn't something that is widely known and I don't look like a complete idiot right now I'll most likely go looking for the remaining Wurm. According to the colours of the wurms the screenshots show Amber and Crimson. Enjoy. Few Screenshots on the link below http://imgur.com/a/iwZ3j#0 -Nate/FaceGuy
  3. Can we have a non-AFK silent channel?

    Typing only channel .-. faceguy approves
  4. Fashion Wars 2

    My Warrior .-.
  5. Bobblehead Beasts~


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