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  1. It has been a pleasure

    I wish you the best! I didn't know you on a personal basis but I noticed you, so you did something right. =)
  2. Upgrading accounts to Heart of Thorns

    That sucks. I didn't have any problem myself. But that may be because I have my information saved since I buy Gems at least once a month.

    I am going to be out of town when the Patch drops, I REALLY hope that this isn't like the Christmas thing and I miss out simply because I have a Real Life Obligation =(
  4. HoT Prepurchase is LIVE

    Also, I am not sure how many of these people that are upset about this have played other games with Expansions. WoW Routinely bundles for free their base game and other Expacs with their newest. I was given Their entire gamer through Mists of Pandaria (that's like 5 expansions) + a Free month of Sub time just for buying something else unrelated. IT was one of their promotions, and of all the rage that is on Blizzards forums all the time, I have hardly ever heard of people complaining that a new player was given the base game, etc. I am on the fence about this, I still pre-purchased because I wanted to. And while I can see and understand people's upset about this, I really don't like the sense of entitlement that I have seen in the complaining. I just dislike it. I for one and using that as a selling point to my friends who don't have the game yet. Expansions are sticky situations all together because it segregates the player base. And I don't want to not be able to play with my friends simply because they didn't have both the base game and the expac. But this is just my opinion, which happens to align with WP, whom I really like a lot and I value his opinion. Then again, Bog Otter said about the same stuff and he understands America's Economy just fine. All in all I think that people should vote with their wallets and calm down. You either want it enough to buy it, or you don't.
  5. PSA: You can update your status on the forums :D

    It's an awesome song =) It was a grand bedtime story even though it made no sense.
  6. "Puttin' Out Fire With Gasoline!"

  7. PSA: You can update your status on the forums :D

    I may or may not have just hovered over so many people trying to read status' and stuff for them. It may or may not have taken me like 30 minutes, annnd it may or may not be past my bed time.
  8. New NA Council

    Congrats you two!
  9. Heart of Thorns Notes

    I'm happy with this. My guaridan spec will make grand use of some of those traps in PVE situations. I don't pvp enough to care about that part of the spec. I won't be running the LB itself, but the new virtues are Aces. Especially since VoC still Procs the AoE Aegis on top of that new shield mechanic which I think will be awesome.
  10. Heart of Thorns Notes

    WP is long-winded. He loves to explore all types of things and he almost always puts in some of teh collective information form the community in his videos. He pulls from forum posts and reddit etc in his explanations. I love to listen to his videos because it feels more complete than others.
  11. Greg

    I don't know you well at all because I am not often at your Raids, but I have heard about you. And I do remember you PMing me one time in game after I got the courage to thank the leadership for running the anniversary Wurm Event. I struggle with man things and you have no idea what your words meant to me. For that I will always remember you and I wish you the best of luck in your studies! Hope to see you come back when you can!
  12. LightGuardianJack and those upvotes

    The puns. Oh not the puns. Comedies Mentally Challenged Cousin. =/
  13. That damn waypoint in LA

    Who wants to hang around the Annoying Brigade talking on that little ledge over and over about the stupid Lil Hero-Hobo-HoHo-Tron Scrub taht tried to murder people in Southsun? Hahaha. I hate being over there in that area. Ashford Forum is where it's at folks. Dem Charr got a nice front lawn.
  14. The Great Taco Vote!

    Ah, Poor Ailarin. Don't have baby Teqs <3 Its okay. It will all be okay! Also, Rainbow Easter Tacos FTW
  15. The Great TACO Purge

    Mmmm Tacos.

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