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  1. PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    Terror Guild Missions will still run at the same time as normal.
  2. I Need a New Name

    Why not Accips?
  3. OCE Events Changes - Suggestion

    We do include Dry Top as an option on the poll for Community Chooseday, which is Tuesday night OCE time (Tuesday 11am UTC). Recently it got a few votes but was beaten out by Current Events achievements. I highly recommend you show up on Tuesdays, you never know when it will end up being Dry Top.
  4. Saevai's Saviours

    @Swishee we currently have a full roster, but I highly recommend you join the channel in slack for when we will need people, I currently have 1 person on the list to fill as they cant make it every week if you want to be added to this list I can do that. currently the 10 people on the roster have priority over anyone in the fill list.
  5. Male or female

    Oooo do this, it would be so good
  6. Saevai's Saviours

    Ok, if you are in the tts raid slack already and havent joined the channel please do so. If you arent in the slack group you will need to contact @Merforga to invite you, I believe the requirements are that you belong to the Raid guild but I am not 100% sure on that, hopefully Merf can confirm. Slack will be used so people can communicate easier, I can set up the times and people can give indications of whether they will be there or not etc. I will also be creating a spreasheet with everyones classes and experience with bosses, and availability. You will be invited to edit it so your own information is correct. We will meet Monday 5th June after OCE Events, 2pm UTC (please convert to whichever timezone you are in). See you all soon.
  7. Saevai's Saviours

    New raid group, OCE times with day to come. Will plan for Monday after OCE events but open to change times if the group has a better time. I am new to half the bosses, and far from an expert on the rest so if there's an experienced person(s) who wants a group and doesn't mind leading a bunch of noobs ( @Qaezie) through raids weekly then we welcome you. Please have at least 1 character geared up as per QT builds (or near enough). As per the other groups, register interest in this thread like; accountname.#### Days available after OCE events Class 1 geared, experience class 2 geared, experience etc. Boss experience
  8. Journey to the top of Terror guild hall

    I can see my message in the background :)
  9. Crys's Cubs

    Hukoseft.4850 Killed first 2 bosses of each wing, briefly experienced sab and sam but not killed either yet, matty xera and deimos no idea yet. PS Warrior zerk, condi reaper and condi ranger. Nearly have zerk thief and chrono built, will need to learn them though (thief hit 11111 right?).
  10. Go ...

    I feel like this has some underlying message to it >.>
  11. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    not a derp, you must always mine all the things
  12. You're next OCE probie right? ;)
  13. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    There are worse ones than this, like actual mistakes in things they say sometimes.
  14. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    are we going to rename this to the Addy thread?

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