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  1. Rare moments

    AH! Yes we play ark still, about to start playing Tera again ;P
  2. Rare moments

    It's still trash tho lol. Like I think I logged in to get the content and played up until the new zone. Then I was like "No pale tree, no anything." and decided that I wasn't going to play anymore. So league and Ark is my life now
  3. Rare moments

    Hah, nope I haven't played for months because of reasons.
  4. Rare moments

    "Sometimes Byte does really nice things for me." Hot Pink and Moss still lives on. Sometimes I think of TTS
  5. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    AC had me muted on teamspeak and wasn't responding which was rude as :( Don't worry, I PR reported him!
  6. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    @NexForce looks like @Raven Paradox has you on his mind bro.
  7. Wipe TTS Calendar until 19th of April?

    For OCE at least we won't be wiping the calendar, people who don't want to do SAB /Get sick of it will be able to do events at OCE as usual. If you don't wish to attend then we'll see you once it's gone. It won't matter too much if we're running them and it gives people variety. Don't worry about the calendar, we'll handle all of that ^.^ ~Byte
  8. Just out of curiosity, how are you in two TTS guilds? Do you have an alt account? Thanks dear.
  9. OCE Raids 22/03/2016

    So just thought I'd make all you non-OCE peeps jealous, OCE had an amazing night last night this was the night as it went: Malasian Teq with Peanutbutterbun Recording of the Reflect practical example Singing after raids by Necrojinn, Byte, Wyverix, Dan, Spicca, Merf, AC, Peanut & Carrie! Every single OCE commander sang tonight (omg) including Merf & Carrie Duet <3 This was a good night :) Sorry we missed you! ~Byte
  10. OCE Easter Break

    Yays! Easter and chocolates and Dan moving to Australia! See you all in a bit over a week!
  11. oh my god... I literally was like "not going to listen to it" but curiosity got the better of me and fml, why did I do this. What a horrible attempt.
  12. New OCE Sandwich Maker

    Can we give this one to NA/PAC @Merforga?
  13. New OCE Sandwich Maker

    Congrats, I'll have a vegemite & cheese probie.
  14. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    it is more that we do discuss commander things in CC chat and only having one shard means that it needs to be off everyone that isn't a commander in case we are discussing something sensitive such as PR. In any case we are discussing options that will be viable.

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