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    there are light snacks .. for a price
  2. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss

    Ooh! oohh! Story time! me 1st! me 1st! Its call The Ugly Barnacle! Once there was an Ugly Barnacle. He was so ugly, that everyone died! The End!
  3. [Raids] Tempest Guide

    His serene voice <3.

  5. I got to ask before I some like a fool. What are the required consumables for raids or all runs? I was searching through the forum but only found this But if not sure if that is applicable for raids or what not?
  6. Welcome Ailarin as NA Probie!

  7. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    m95 image says m90. but yeh they look the same
  8. Welcome Valkyrie Skyqueen as NA Probie!

  9. Not sure if you guys seen this video about Challenging Group Content. Watched it so many times, its so damn hilarious!
  10. LF TTS Footage

    What about your Twitch Highlights?
  11. "Nobody likes a dead beat!" - Merforga 2013
  12. What are you listening to currently?

    No one posted this yet?
  13. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

    I cried when I saw this art credits to peachbunni
  14. RTX Australia

    looks interesting.... if only i have friends to go to this event.....
  15. The more you know...

    An edit has been made on his original post. From the series of posts i linked through and http://i.imgur.com/mYBht.png "Only 5 unique combatants can combo with a given combo field."
  16. Congrats to Devalicious, NA Leader!

    Vegeta, what does the scouter say about her power level!?
  17. mX is shutting down

    EDIT: Adding this official post to the mix! EVERYTHING WILL CEASE!!! For the designated Aussie states. Sad Life, Our awesome free hardcopy entertainment will soon be gone. Does its job in keeping commuters entertained on our busy public transport rides. Will miss all the news, random articles/comments and hardcore sudoku puzzles. Where am I gonna have such entertainment when I take public transport to and from work? What is going to happen to the mX app? (Does not know how to post images from imgur. Also does not know how to use imgur) (EDIT: knows how to post images from imgur)
  18. mX is shutting down

    No puzzles whatsoever. This will answer your question
  19. Won't be at OCE Tonight lol

    Vegeta confirmed Nintendo scalper
  20. Personal Story Restoration

    Hurry up anet so I can get my alt toons/accounts to do explorable arah without doing story mode! And fix dat awkward character relations crap in story mode!
  21. OCE Raid Changes Poll #2

    Dont they lead only for NA or EU. Other than that. they dont bother?

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