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  1. ok tks ill do it now then
  2. Hello , im comimg back after a retire duo some problems in my pc , im guildless now and i was hoping i could join again , my wife is still playing and on the guild so i was wanting to rejoin the teq squad :) tks all
  3. Manu ( Dragonhunter )- its the name everyone irl call me since its my professional name Candomble ( Reaper ) - come from ancient African tribes that were slave and got sent to Brasil with a cultural Sport that is Capoeira , so Candomble was theyr dark belives like Voodoo Manu Pt ( Druid ) - Obvious the name like i told and Pt cause im Portuguese Berimbau ( Daredevil )- Capoeira Instrument Manu Winchester ( Herald )- cause my wife is crazy with Supernatural and the winchesters are well know by coming back from Death
  4. New Probie, WOOT!


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