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  1. Bringing Back The Event Trains

    /me preps Music Bot.
  2. Unfortunately, I had a few things come up today, and I won't be able to organize personal guild hall claims for people. I REALLY wanted to do it today, but life happens. I would use this time to get the favor/influence and gold necessary to get the guild hall. For the time being, if you want to get your personal guild hall claimed, please make a post in this thread so that I can start making a list of personal guilds that people. One guild per a person please.
  3. To answer the question, no. This was a scheduled event for the date specified. If you need help with a guild hall claim, I would suggest making a separate post or hopping on teamspeak and asking for help. People are usually willing to help.
  4. Raid Gear Guide

    If you want DPS with little extra healing, then I would advice keeping it all Berserker/Assassin. The amount of raw healing that you can do with a Tempest is already pretty high by default.
  5. Raid Gear Guide

    As an Auramancer for some of the groups (one main healer, others support), I can say that I prefer Zealot weapons over Berserker because you do need the healing power to help with heals.
  6. State of the game 2016 update: Shatterer revamp incoming

    ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ) I think you will be needing this in the near future.
  7. Whenever I take some time to write a post, the forum seems to completely swallow the post once the reply is sent. When submit is hit, the reply section goes away like normal, but no post is added to the topic. This has happened twice since the DDoS protection was added, last one happening about 5 mins ago.
  8. Update to NA Schedules

    The schedule for NA has been update. Changes are as follows: Community Night has been moved to Tuesday. This is still Leader's Night Off, but there will still leaders available to help. Raid Training be on Wednesdays taking the time slot of former Community Night time. If members do not wish to participate in raid training, they are free to run another event. Raid Training will also be ran along side Something Sunday. Community members can volunteer to lead Something Sunday. If you wish to schedule an event, send me a PM. King of the Jungle replaces Octovine/Dragon Stand on Monday. Calendar Link: http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar/ As a side note, there will may be efforts to do a speed setup of King of the Jungle before the actual scheduled time. This isn't on the calendar because it is optional dependent on number of people and active listeners. Also, community members are allowed to ask to command any event scheduled. This has always been the case, but wanted to make this more emphasized. Just note that asking does not mean you will be chosen.
  9. Update to NA Schedules

    Good question. I will likely be running a raid (exception being that work keeps me late). I will let other leaders put their hand up to tell if they will be doing it or not.
  10. Break Bar Mechanics

    Wiki updated with some pretty solid information about how everything effects the break bar. http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_Bar
  11. Logan has joined the ranks of the NA Leaders! Give him a nice big congratulations! He has avoided all attempts of me getting a screenshot him. Maybe because the wurm kept eatting him.
  12. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    I will be forming a group in the next week or two. Still trying to get IRL responsibilities scheduled that I reliable make a raid time.
  13. So for people who have been around for a long time knows that at one point, we use to have NA divided into two sections. First half happened during reset time and the second section happened about 2 hrs after the first section finished. This was to accommodate members/leaders who were screwed over by DST and those who didn't really fit any of the timezone brackets. There is no exact time for this yet, but the idea is to have it around 2~3 hrs after NA schedule. Exacts can be worked on if there is a large enough interest. So if you are interested in this, get people on this topic and voting!
  14. Interest: NA 2 (Late Night) Revival

    @Cyprien Valid points. My idea was to experiment with different formats to see what worked. Something more laid back. If there wasn't leader coverage to ask for volunteer/commanders since recently we have had a number of members who have been showing initiative to help others lead the new encounters without being asked. If not, we would adjust to another encounter to suit the numbers and availability of people commanding. @Koomaster Not a bad idea. :)
  15. My chaotic life is settling down so I can actually try to have some fun! I will be making a post for getting assistance for Personal Guild Hall runs going soon, so keep a look out for that. That said, I would like for this something Something Sunday to be dedicated to getting as many Hero Points from the Heart of Throns areas! Since some of you are still working on getting mastery points, so we will focus on getting the Hero Points that don't require high masteries (maybe some that can be ported to by mesmers). See you there!
  16. Interest: NA 2 (Late Night) Revival

    I dunno... I will let time decide for me!
  17. Personally, I would like to do multiple, but odds are with a large number of people and making sure people get hero points, it may take too long. If we go through fast enough, I am more than willing to do it another time for additional alts. I don't know any routes for Treasure Mushroorms etc., but if someone knows where they are, we can incorporate it.
  18. Why is TTS misrepresenting Circle Strat so much?

    8 people seems to be the sweet spot for having enough people to handle whats being thrown at them (so long as they are aware of what is going on and helping each other). Fell on this this number multiple times for some odd reason... didn't think others would too O_o.
  19. Why is TTS misrepresenting Circle Strat so much?

    To address this without going into too many words, it is preference. Circle Strat is a valid strategy. I personally do recognize as such. If I am on a map that is not organized by TTS then I am more than fine going with the flow and doing it. However, if we take the time to organize a map and decide to use Group Split strategy, then let us. The main thing that we want is for others to respect the fact that we want to use other strategies other than Circle Strat. One of the things we focus on in TTS is using strategies that involve communicating and working together in a comprehensive manner. We do not feel that Circle Strat fits into this ideology. We do not force maps that we haven't organized to use Circle Strat, so in return we ask that people who decide to come or stay on our map to respect our wishes to use an alternate strategy. On several occasion, TTS leaders have been harassed and disrespected publicly and via whispers about not using Circle Strat. It has even gone so far as having people tag up and telling others not to listen to TTS leaders and follow them instead. This has caused a lot of drama over the last few days and I wish for it to stop. If there has ever been an instance where a TTS member or leader has gone to a PUG map and tried to force others to use our strategy, please contact me via PM. Edit: I guess I should say this is my opinion based on previous discussion we had on this issue
  20. So I figured since we post about everything else, why not highest and lowest numbers you seen from whatever you do? You know, crazy high crits, condi ticks, last one alive with 1 HP and finishing a boss or almost beating a boss with 1% HP left. etc. I will lead off with some high burn ticks.
  21. Break Bar Mechanics

    Sacrificing utility? How so?
  22. Break Bar Mechanics

    I think you completely overlooked Dragonhunter, and I strongly believe that it has the strongest burst CC. First, Guardian hammer's Banish is a powerful launch that takes a huge chunk out of any break bar regardless of scale. It also has the warding circle (forgot the name) that punishes enemies crossing it. Spirit Hammer has a knockback every third hit and the command is a knockdown . Dragonhunter has Dragon Maw has a pull plus barrier that ticks down the bar every time an enemy tries to get out of it. When traited, traps gain access to a daze when activating which further improves Dragon Maw and any other trap you decide to use. There is also Spear of Justice active pull that can help remove any additional break bar. On top of that, they have an onslaught of cripples to keep ticking the bar down.
  23. Triple Trouble: Condi Team

    I would suggest archiving this post and opening a new one for updated strategies.
  24. New Mega-boss Speculation

    Next world boss will be Taidha...as an actual Hydra!!!
  25. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    If everything works out right, we should be able to have a pool of people who are available to do progressive raids and we can form groups based on who shows up. That way we don't have to worry about forming static groups...but odds are it may end up being the same groups because of timezone/availability to raid. We will see how it goes. Main thing is that we keep the training raids as positive and constructive as possible. Some people get discourage easily when they don't see immediate results of training. My hopes is that people will continue to come back hungry to learn more and challenge themselves to get better with each attempt. Also, I just want to point out that Triple Trouble reflect and condi teams is an excellent way to learn individual roles. You are have a pivotal, well defined role in the encounter that you have to fulfill. The outcome of the fight may very well depend on how well you perform (regardless of the outcome, we always got your back :) ).

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