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  1. TTS Facebook Cover Photo Contest

    http://imgur.com/a/Tcb5f Account: Koomaster.9176 I don't know if these are your most desired links to direct players towards. But if you end up using mine, I can probably edit and slot in whatever links suit TTS' needs the most.
  2. Cosplay Fun

    Account: Koomaster.9176 Guild: Tequatl Tribulation Squad Character: The Friz Cosplaying as: Ms. Frizzle from The Magic Schoolbus w/pet Liz by her side. "Okay Tyrians! Time to take chances, make mistakes, get messy!"
  3. Declining NA Division?

    Yeah I don't think anyone is blaming the commanders; just looking for solutions to attain active status from now on. If you take away all events from someone's only time to play, how do they keep active with tts is the question.
  4. Speed Run Records! (The Diamond Icon)

    Don't know if we needed screens for the PAC Triple Trouble kill tonight. If so, hope these are sufficient. Right before the first decap @ Cobalt... Right before the last decap...
  5. Getting Active Status..

    Yep! Just be sure to include your account name with the numbers on the end of it and specify which guild you are in and they should get you hooked up.
  6. Nice to meet you all

    Welcome aboard! \ ^____^ /
  7. Hello from Baebel~

    Welcome Aboard! \ ^____^ / TTS is my first active guild and everyone here is great so I'm sure you'll fit right in and have a fun time with us all!
  8. Make-A-Meme!

    Not for judging since I already submitted some pics, but here are some I thought of for fun today....
  9. Make-A-Meme!

  10. OCE new Probie-Meggly

    Woot Meg! \ ^_____^ /
  11. Lanboost

    Lanboost! Best reflector! Saves my condi team when we need not so many husks! \o/ Glad you're a part of TTS!
  12. Hullo.

    Haha yeah. I never got into the daily crafting of those things till I had to make Nevermore. Now I just do them everyday just in case in the future I need them, that way I don't have to wait months to craft a thing. Anyway, you'll get there, keep it up! \^___^/ ps. Draculas Unite!
  13. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Damn! I thought Yungoos was gonna be my main. Love ferrets. But like now? Ruined!
  14. Hullo.

    Welcome aboard! You're like me in that I touch all the timezones throughout the week with my weird sleeping schedule. I never played GW1 either. I'm not sure how relevant meta-wise but maybe lore-wise it would help flesh out things happening in GW2 to have played it? Good luck on your journey to Bifrost. I love making legendaries but they are draining sometimes. Hope to see you showing yours off soon! ^___^
  15. Warning: Wall of Text

    ^___^ / Glad you're here and having fun with TTS! I have a similar experience with my friends who I started the game with quitting. But I'm happy that I met people through TTS who are wonderful. As for guardian reflecting - I do it often still! Sometimes I go on my Rev if I want an easy time; but I feel more engaged reflecting on my guardian. So some people still keep up the old ways as it were. :) Hope to see you around in game. I would list all my characters which are numerous but I'm mostly on my gaurdian Koomaster or druid Mac N Trees. So if you see me feel free to wave and say hey!

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