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  1. Lanboost

    hahaha Qaezie! /o/
  2. The Three Word Story!

    that brought hell
  3. I do wat I want. #rebelsweg

  4. Pic(Re)flects Guide for Triple Trouble

    Imgur has been updated as of today to reflect the new patch updates regarding skills and traits. Text guide will be updated soon.
  5. Broken Traits

    Given that leaders were calling members to SPECIFICALLY bring their guardians to raids, that was just hypocritical. And now since people know of this 'exploit', I would dare say the amount of guardians that will be attending raids will be higher or, if not, the same. Seeing it being used in raids yesterday as well as bragging about it on Reddit just made me feel sad and not want to attend raids at all.
  6. Triple Trouble: Reflect Team

    I cri, the disciple has taken over the master.
  7. Howwwwwwwwwwdy neighbour~ :3

  8. so much love for this \o/
  9. The Three Word Story!

    causing Tyria to
  10. The Voice of TTS - SummerBorn (Update #3)

    Summer Sings - What Does The Fox Say https://soundcloud.com/ninjahdinosawrrrr/summerborn-what-does-the-fox-say
  11. The Shatterer Statue

    Sharing is caring xD
  12. The Three Word Story!

    Iona surfaced from
  13. The Three Word Story!

    "You are perfect."

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