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  1. Kantriakhor

  2. I will hypnotize everyone with the power of space cats! Why yes, I did pull an all nighter, how can you tell?

  3. ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)

    So I recently got a new account on ESO and am getting back into it. I'm still kind of a newb, so if you are a regular don't judge too harshly pls :D. I do really want to play with friends and I assume some guildies here play ESO. Anyone want to hang out there sometime? Do we have another branch of TTS in that game yet? - Valk
  4. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    This Friday, tomorrow the 11th, due to widespread demand, training raids will be held when progressive are normally scheduled. Until we clear at least VG, progressive raids will be postponed indefinitely. The reason for this is we do not have enough veteran raiders who have cleared to make a full team that clears in just 1-2 tries per boss, so we need a bit more training in this timezone. Feel free to come to training this Friday evening after pacific!
  5. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    As I posted in guild chat, my raids are cancelled this week unfortunately. The other raids are still running to my knowledge. That being said, if anyone wants to run them you are more than welcome to :).
  6. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    Hi all, sorry I'm on so late had computer trouble (still do).
  7. 2016 and the Year Ahead for TTS

    Yeah, I definitely agree on this point! Plus I'd add hardcore raiding guilds to that list for fast clears of 10 man raids... I am sorry you feel this way Liara. I'm definitely not of the same view here. I was also a commander before the changes, like you, after I stepped down from full leadership due to mostly scheduling etc. The tag, like the egg and other icons was, at least how I understand it, meant to symbolize competence at commanding, the efforts you'd put into commanding to earn it, and your willingness to step up in the future. I'm not quite sure why you seem to be disheartened about not getting your "checks in time", because the commander tag was never supposed to be an end goal in itself, but rather the mark of an ongoing process of commanding... Our guild is evolving to meet the changes that have been arising with HoT other new content. The loss of the commander tag doesn't mean commanders aren't good enough or that their prior role in the guild has been forgotten. It just simply means that the guild is changing. You dont need a commander tag to help on slow days or leaders days off, just as you don't need an egg to reflect call or the condi symbol to condi lead. They are just nice, but unnecessary symbols. The icons should be nice symbols, but not people's only motivation to lead. I recently asked for my reflect egg to be removed because I am not always available to call or train anymore and I also haven't become familiar with the new changes to reflect. I worked hard to become a reflect pro, but the ts icon is meaningless if it is just a symbol of past hard work and dedication. Other icons, like the KOTJ icon, are supposed to represent past achievement, not the reflect and commander icons. I know you've been a great help to the guild and that youve dedicated a lot of time to honing your commanding ability. You don't need the icon to prove that, because anyone who has been at an event with you already knows it. OMG this made me laugh so hard. Your name is going to be our guild's very own Benedict Cucumberpatch, calling it now. I mentioned the differences between icons that represent past achievements or continuing positions in my response to Liara above. I think the KOTJ icon was definitely selective enough. Not everyone who had been trying for hours and hours learning the fight was able to make the first kill. The icon only lasted for a few kills in each timezone before it was discontinued. Rare enough to only be earned by people who were dedicated and learned and beat the fight while it was still hard, but common enough that if you weren't one of the lucky people to be awake/online for every single attempt and get onto the map at the first kill, you still got recognition for being at one of the first few TTS kills. I think that's pretty fair.
  8. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    Training raids will be this Friday before reset like they would have been last week, so don't worry about missing the progressive raids last Friday night (we didn't end up killing VG anyway so you didn't miss out). I hope to see you this Friday Swishee and ty so much for your dedication and interest in raids!
  9. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    Friday raids are going to happen in 30 mins as of this post :) Wait.... Pacific is still happening. Nvrmind. Saturday will occur a few hours before reset. Sorry you won't be able to make this week Swishee. Most Fridays will be the regular time though!
  10. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    As y'all can hopefully see in the updated post, I have to work this Friday on short notice. If you guys want to do something on Friday feel free, but if not the good news is I am switching training raids to Saturday! Anyone interested in the progressive group can lmk whether or not they still want to run Friday, as I can still make progressive time. Chuo and Reginault, hope you can still make the old time! And Spear, I guess we are both in the same work boat now lol.
  11. Hey everyone! :D I know it's been a while since I did much with TTS or checked the forums, but in the meantime I have been honing my raid skills. I did this through meditating on top of a mountain surrounded by wise elders and sipping a cup of tea brewed from hand-picked mountain herbs. Don't believe me? Ok... fine.... I actually did this by sitting in front of a computer screen for way too many hours frantically mashing my dps rotations. And now I invite you to join me on this quest to improve our raid prowess! So grab a bag of potato chips, get a comfy chair, and prime your fingers for hours of keyboard mashing because.... RAIDS! I will be organizing two raids on Friday. The first will be training and will occur three hours before reset on Friday March 4th NA time. It will run until an hour before reset so people can go and do dailies and what not. For the training, you don't need to be a member of the raid guild (but you should apply to it anyway!) or have ascended gear (but you should def get some if you want to raid seriously). A lot of people have told me they haven't gotten their kill yet, or even attempted VG, so that is what we will be doing. It could also be a good warm up raid for more experienced raiders, but it will be very chill. For the second, progressive group, I am hoping to draw mostly from the TTS raiding guild! I will also be posting in that guild prior to the raid to let people know about it. I want to run this raid regularly each week and get kills for everyone, or, if you've already killed, get to shard cap. The progressive group will be running right after Pacific raids end and going for a two hour time span. In order to join this raid, I ask that you meet the requirements of the TTS raid guild gear-wise, and have prior raiding experience. Full ascended meta is preferable. Edit: We had our first progressive raid last week on Friday night, and got VG down to 5%. This week will hopefully run more smoothly. I hope to see y'all there :). - Valk EDIT: Saturday raids didn't work out, unfortunately. Been having major computer issues. - Valk
  12. [Jan 10] Training Raid

    Oh yes I am looking for members but didn't have a time set. Sorry to keep you waiting Swishee!
  13. What book are you currently reading?

    Loling. But yeah I don't play burn guard, mostly because I love just straight up zerk dragonhunter. As far as books go, I shall refrain from posting mine because @Irrell may judge it as harshly as he judges my love of Jane Austen.
  14. Scary or Adorable? Gendarran Grandma

    OMG this is even more frightening!!!
  15. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    J Master starting out our TTS 2016 derps: "Valkyrie, can you be my daddy and give me a small donation of a million dollars?"

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