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  1. TT Condi Guide (Ddo edition) UPDATED: 12/22/2016

    Some things to suggest for the guide. For crimson I would recommend it would be better to have two at North simple because All husk run with the zerg and will end up at crimson/amber extractors. Also Crimson extractor also will have the most cluster of Vet wurms and some Risen Krait to worry about. Mid at crimson is very peaceful compared to North and the husk will most likely run up to crimson extractor. The abom at Amber runs over North and South so trap users have to be smart and not waste them on the abom. Traps at mid can be placed without being triggered by abom. Do to a lot of mobs around Cobalt condi, traps get triggered often so keep track of when husk will be coming out or reduce your dependence on traps. Tracking Husk Timer Husk spawn about every 90 seconds, so you can take a look at the event timer and subtract 90 seconds to figure when the next set of husk will be coming. Husk Animation is something extra condi leaders can go over. -Husk Throw is a range attack that debuffs who it hits with parasites. -Husk Stomp is a one leg lift to stomp that will knock up who is near the leg which is followed by a punch that will knock you back. It will most likely drop aggro if you had aggro. -Husk jump is where it jumps off the ground and landing with chances of it immobilizing you with binding roots. If you get immobilized without a condi cleanse, the spit from the Wurm will most likely down you (Also the husk will most likely run away). There is a bug/feature that if the jump lands on a extract mushroom that the husk will instantly die. But it can be tough to get a husk near it for when it uses that animation so it is something you may not want to rely on. Condi Numbers -Too few. Yes nine is the minimum for each husk to have one condi, but this means everyone will solo, even the new people. Tell them to focus on survival because if they go down, there is no one on the husk. Be sure to communicate low numbers to the commander of your wurm. Amber condi should always have the most since if the husk get to the stack spot there will be a high chance of missing a burn phase. If not enough zerg gets in, amber has a long time to wait to proc their next burn phase. Cobalt condi can be just as important as amber. The husk tend to chase the zerg and the zerg ends up at the drop keg location cause many zerglings to drop their kegs by CCs and interrupts. Crimson wurm could be done with the fewest members, even two condi veterans if needed. A team is at least three members, it only takes one husk to ruin a keg run at cobalt or a burn phase at amber. What do you do when you have less than nine condi members. Well first thing would be to contact the meta lead to see if you can get any more poeple to join condi. If you do not receive more members, find out if the meta lead will use husk blocking or a zerg'ing amber team. Husk blocking will most likely happen at crimson and the zerg will deal with husk at burn phase. They will lose some dps to the husk, but they won't lose a burn phase. Amber Zerg'ing the husk depends on the leader, the idea is that the zerg kills the husk then the abom. The husk will spawn again before the next time to kill the abom. The big problem/risk is near the end of the meta the husk timer is off and the husk spawn when the zerg wants to stack. A team is atleast three members, it only takes one husk to ruin a keg run at cobalt or a burn phase at amber. -Too many. If you have to many condi it is best to send some back to the zerg, but be sure the new people get on a team. A different condi setup. I use a one squad to set up Condi, using three subgroups. Group 1 is did not pick color yet, and the next three are the different wurms. Using one squad allows you to keep track of all condi teams. You will know if one team is struggling if they are going down a lot or if a team has disconnects. This allowing you to have a chance at helping of fixing a problem. Husk Blocking Husk blocking is a thing but don't be afraid to ask reflect for husk. It sucks but we don't want people to get discourage from joining condi team, even more so if they are new to condi.
  2. Scary or Adorable? Gendarran Grandma

    We need this as a Grandma tonic. It would be fun going around creeping everyone out.

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