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  1. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    I really like the concept of a learning and progressive nights. Have you decided how often each will run and if they will run at the same night/time?
  2. To anyone still considering buying HoT

    LoL I literally just bought it two days ago holding out for some promo. :) Ah well, hindsight is 20/20.
  3. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    The Light Zapper for my Halloween Captain N Costume. Wife is going as Strawberry Shortcake complete with Strawberry Scent. :)
  4. GW2 Economy 101

    I was thinking of something similar to how the selling of goods is on the Trading Post. Right now you cannot sell an item on the TP for less than the value of selling it to a merchant. By doing so GW2 is setting the minimum price allowed. By providing merchants who sell the same materials for a fairly large markup GW2 can control the maximum price as well. I am not saying sell all items, especially not 400+ crafting materials, but take butter for example. By making a merchant selling butter at one of the farms and setting a price for it, that could control the price from exceeding certain levels just because of the abundance of gold in the market. I admit the idea has some holes. More my point was on act of ANet fluctuating their Selling and Buying Prices of Vendors to match the trading post. Say Berserker Sigils sell to a merchant for 20cp and were going for 1 silver on the TP when the game came out, and now they go for say 1gp (I know these are wrong, I don't have the prices in front of me). I would think Anet should adjust their costs or maybe even the scarcity of materials to equalize the market.
  5. HoT Release Plans - TTS

    Should not be a problem but just in case anyone else is wondering, will this affect the end of month purge at all?
  6. GW2 Economy 101

    A really great post Merforga! As someone who just completed Micro and Macroeconomics last semester for my college coursework you covered all the bases very well. One thought I has is that ArenaNet can also act as the government does and increase/reduce the "tax" on the TP if they wished to help adjust the price to reach market equilibrium. What are your thoughts on if ANet were to treat players like a foreign supplier and having more NPCs provide materials with adjusting prices as a domestic?
  7. Looks great! Have they said when IPS 4.1 will be released?
  8. Should We Gear Check Raids?

    Just out of curiosity how would you enforce a gear check if it was set as a requirement? I did not think there is a way to "examine" a person's gear and with the Wardrobe there is no visual cue to tell what people are using? Aside from Hit points and maybe their buffs showing their traits being used I would think this may hard to enforce outside of an honor system? My opinion would be to wait and see how the raids go and then make a decision. Perhaps have different raid nights with different requirements? Example: Normal Raid Night: Exotics Allowed but Meta Builds Elite Night: Ascended Required and Meta Builds for Speed Runs or Achievements Test Night: For trying special builds and tactics.
  9. Windows 10

    LoL, If your PC can't be....with the one you love....Linux the one your with. :)
  10. Magnificently and Monumentally Magnanimous of you!
  11. I would definitely be up for playing more Asuraball!
  12. Does this guy remind anyone else of Kantri? :P

    "It's like a pentaYam!"
  13. What are you listening to currently?

    Listening to my 80s Cooldown Playlist I typically turn on at the end of the workday.
  14. TTS News Radio #20

    Great Podcast! Agreed it was a pretty bad event, I was surprised most by the loot. Even a new skin look would have been great.

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