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  1. [NA] Trust Issues recruitment

    Wish i could join, especially seeing as my raid group disbanded last week.
  2. One Path Ends Deadpool

    i agree Braham will most likely do something really stupid. I predict he will do something that will hurt Taimi and that is what will maybe have him snap out of his stupid loner phase. Marjory dead? hmmm. dunno. I expect more Kasmeer to have an official nervous breakdown. And something should happen involving Aurene. Seriously, squat has happened involving her since that one story chapter rly....
  3. Congratulations to our newest commander Srouc

    if i could get an image, i would like to put it on the FB page. Same for you Meg, i would like to announce on fb that you have taken on the burden honor of being a CO. =D
  4. Male or female

    only one character i have is female... I rarely use my revenant. the rest reflect all my gender irl
  5. [Spoilers] Head Of The Snake

    fantasy come to life.... or better yet, the illusion of Faren
  6. [Spoilers] Head Of The Snake

    all i can say is....the mirror on the ceiling....amiright?
  7. TTS saves the da... Teq

  8. Spoooooooookiieeeeee storiesssssssssss

    I will give you an A for originality.... still needs work on the plot though
  9. I Halloweened Things

    TY Erik
  10. EU Timeslot?

    OMG...he has manifested....
  11. EU Timeslot?

    Hey Nox, Like what Peanut said, if you are interested in running some form of events for the EU timezone, you are more than welcome to do so (got any in mind?) As for Fortis, saddly he has stepped down several months ago as commander and he isn't as active in game as he used to be. Keep in touch mate!
  12. A Fond Farewell

    take care friend
  13. Change to Training Raids

    convenience or INconvenience? ;)
  14. OCE's new Apple Juice Probie!

    hello slave...make me a sandwich....or Bolt...whatever is easier...
  15. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    suuuuure u did Addy....suuuurrreee

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