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  1. Training AND Progressive Raids Friday (NA & Pacific)!!

    I like Saturdays gaming :) will keep a keen ear to the ground for the shout out. Any idea on a rough time when this might occur Saturday?
  2. State of the game 2016 update: Shatterer revamp incoming

    OMG that is going to help so much with my Potato interwebs... And yay - bring on another Dragon winged back piece :)
  3. OCE Schedule Change

    haha, yeah figured we were just spreading the love. Just poking fun at all the late night events ;) Luckily Merf's Classic Raids on Saturdays is a saving grace ;)
  4. OCE Schedule Change

    I'm getting old, but OCE guild missions 12am - 1am, are you WA based at all Merf? Lucky Melbourne has good coffee ;)
  5. Would you rather

    I think a Zanpakuto, there is this romance with Japanese history and mythology, all things Japanese really.. and swords really epitomise that. Would you rather have 1 love or many friends?
  6. OCE Training Raid Success!

    Well done all, great to see all the OCE success on the weekend :)
  7. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    Damn Catz :P Congratulations :) now you can go lay down in a great big pile of gold :)
  8. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    Oh sugar ! -1 to my ability to follow instructions.. I didn't realise that was for progressive only. My lack of Ascended armour would make me uncomfortable :) please remove me off the progressive list for now ;) ty ty.
  9. Fractal Updates

    Maybe makes daily fractals a little more rewarding..
  10. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    Maybe there is still hope for us all, and no draw has commenced :)
  11. Diablo III!

    I know we are all focused on GW2 at the moment... however I needed a break from thinking so jumped back into D3. Season 4 is getting to the end, but there is still time to get the achievement pet and portrait border which is kinda cool. Also love the Kanai cube, but I wasted all my Death's Breaths making Legendary Hammers, before I realised it.. ( I was wanting to make The Furnace ( a Mace - doh !!) now I have to where Sages' just to build up my death's breath stash... I can only solo T3/T4 . If anyone is on still giving out invites, and taking a weekday break from GW2, hook and look me up. doktaduck#6225 I'm mostly playing on my seasonal WD, but also have Normal and HC characters I'm happy to play on. Dok
  12. lol, like there is not enough to do atm :) I dread Wintersday which is just around the corner.. I'm glad I am loving my reaper atm, so I'm at least not (overly) tempted to play any of my other 8 classes >.< But yes, do miss the SAB :)
  13. Break Bar Mechanics

    As a Necro main, I've been trolling for as much info on the best way to reduce those break bars.. Not a hell of a lot of information out there yet.. In my observations running GS/Staff Reaper Shroud #5 - Executioner's Strike - takes a nice chunk, thanks to the stun Shroud #3 - infusing Terror , stage 2 - Terrify - meh takes some, thanks to the fear GS #5 - Grasping Darkness - Takes an ok amount, thanks to the pull mechanic Staff #5 - Reaper's Mark - meh takes some, thanks to the fear Then we do put out lots of soft CC, like blinds, chill, poisons and bleeds. I did try spectral grasp but didn't see enough return to keep it on my bar. Any other Necros out there have any input or ideas for me to better contribute? Ta Dok
  14. 64 Bit client for GW2 available

    Yep ran this last night, used auto detect (where as I was having to use best performance) and didn't crash once.. A few signs of frezzing/shuttering (for a few seconds) but all in all, much better for keeping my place in the map :P
  15. Thanks for that Vanadis

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