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  1. What are you listening to currently?

    This song so chill:
  2. TTS EU Overhaul Community Feedback

    Might as well put this in. Just for next week alone if there's no planned events or if they're at the later Teq Spawn, I'll be leading FGS Champ Trains (Frostgorge Sound) until then \o\. Cause starting Thursday Map Bonus Rewards are - Charged Core/Lodestone/Giant Eyes/T6 Blood
  3. TTS EU Overhaul Community Feedback

    Much excitement \o\. At the present moment I'm going on vacation in the 2nd half of April (15-30). But for now sign me up for Friday. I'll update this post during a weekday. Also, I'm tempted to run a T6 Drytop during the week :)
  4. Just thought I'd share, Reformatted my Galaxy S6 and after installing all the apps I normally use, I got into a discussions with other guildies regarding what their favourite must-install games was. Just thought I'd share that discussion over here and see what everyone's playing on their free time :P. And for the love of god please don't say Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans. I hate those two games with a fervid passion.
  5. TTS Suggestion Box

    What I'm saying is that speed kills is too niche, there's too much difficulty tracking it with screenshots without having video recordings. Even then when we are tracking it becomes too much of a competition between time zones which leads to animosity between the timezones and leaders. We have those icons gathering virtual dust on Teamspeak that could be repurposed for this idea.
  6. TTS Suggestion Box

    Okay, since there hasn't been much suggestions in the past week thought I'd make an even bigger suggestion - at least in lieu of what I had envisioned the commander restructure going down. I talked with Kantri and Spacey about the draft idea I had about over a score-keeping system that would encourage more people to step up for leading/engage in the community. Think of it as a BARE BONES DKP system - not that you can spend them, just rank them up. ------- So how would this work? Let all Commanding Officers/Commanders start from with ZERO. There will be different tracks in which Admins/CO's would be responsible for updating. I'll be using Tequatl for this example: Every time a commander steps up to lead Tequatl (be it a CO/Commander/Community Member), we open the tracking spreadsheet and have a tick of who was commanding, which timezone it took place in, what date it took. (Optional - which TTS guild they're in) Eventually what you'd get is a database of how 'frequent' commanding officers/commanders/probies/community members are stepping up to leading Tequatl. Now here's the fun part. You can start accumulating Dragon Kill Points (hence why bare bones DKP) Let's say you've lead Tequatl 5 times, boom you get a bronze Teq icon (cause lets be honest, we're not going for speed kills) Wow you've lead Teq 25 times? Silver icon A grand whopping 50 Teqs?! Wooo GOLD. Then save the Diamond for 100 Tequatl's . You can even put limitations on this, icon is not available if they're not a member of TTS. It'd actually be something everyone can work towards across different timezones. It'd be the responsibility of Admins/CO's to update the list. At least this way instead of competing different time zones for speed kills you have a collective group of people stepping up working towards the fabled Platinum icon. You could apply this to Triple Trouble for each wurm head, as well as the Condi/Reflect Training & Leaders. King of the Jungle lnaes is another 4, Dragon Stand another 3. Also Shatterer Smash the Dragonz. Heck if you even want can put this for successful training raid kills for each boss, or those who lead guild missions, or lead successful dungeon nights :P (pretty much any event TTS does) These numbers are drafts and not final but it'll be interesting, you'd solve the commander issue by having more people step up, you'd get a more engaged community in people. --------- EDIT: Wouldn't let me finish the damn post. Thanks forums.
  7. Easter Long Weekend

    Does this include EU scheduled raids? Edit: As well as guild missions?
  8. TTS Suggestion Box

    Okay another suggestion cause forums have been quiet as heck and no one saying anything so... What's the opinion behind a Commander/Member of the Month ? Of course there's the possibility of it just becoming a 'popularity' contest but it'll be something extra to work towards between commander's and member's. Can always have CO's nominate leaders and it'll probably improve their morale/take feedback a little more seriously. No shiny badge or anything out of it. Can probably put it on the Leader's list on the forum: February 2016: Fortis Arcana (hue :P)
  9. Ooo purple, good choice. And yes, it was the fastest post i had written.
  10. TTS Suggestion Box

    I'm really oblivious to how IP Boards work - but looking around do these two things help in any way? https://invisionpower.com/files/file/5966-hq-awards/ https://invisionpower.com/forums/topic/358857-hq-badges/#comment-2242044
  11. Can we change the colors for either the Commander or Community Commander forum groups? Two different shades of light blue really hurt my eyes >_>.
  12. TTS Suggestion Box

    So much likes, so much potential- yet quiet as the grave in here. I really think Kantri that it's due in part because of your Colin avatar >_>, That being said, since no one's really wanting to drop in any suggestions here and I might as well start with a big bomb because I know there have many confabulated, war-gripping, exaggerated, feels-bad-mans feelings regarding the fricking TS Icons. So why not talk about doing a HUGE FRICKING ICON OVERHAUL. - Have everyone who want's an icon on Teamspeak to be a forum member, cause it seems that anyone who really gives a hoot are going to be here anyways. - Have Teamspeak identity tied in with a forum account, so we know who's who and what's up. - Make the Forum Account have some sort of 'Achievements' page which showcases EVERY ICON THEY'VE EVER EARNED - Leader or Not (preferably on their profile page) - Request someone of Admin status on TS to display only 5 given icons so there's no overhaul of crazy 16-icon people. What's that I hear about logistics? Sure you're combining two different platforms so bound to lose things on the way, sure people don't get to see the instant satisfaction of a gazillion icons attached to their Teamspeak. But what's the upside? Less TS Clutter, people have a venue to showcase their icon elitism, and theoretically you can have many many more icons. Heck have it so you can even compare - make it so the community votes on what sort of 'achievements' they want to track. But that's probably just me brainstorming over-the-top. Sigh, even before I press the Submit button I can already tell what the general response is - too much administrative work, issues with e-peen, utility vs premise, limited TS Icon space. Honestly I just think this kinda kills two birds with one stone, more incentive to attend raids and bolster more of a forum community that isn't all fluff.
  13. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    Out of curiosity for your Slothasor build, why scepter over mace for offset? (granted you're not going to use it very often), but wouldn't it be better to start with Protector's Strike (3) and Symbol of Faith (2) then swap to hammer 11111 ? (free symbol \o\) I just dont think Slothasor's stationary long enough to really benefit from Smite
  14. What book are you currently reading?

    I've actually read up to the 8th?9th book? A long long time ago. I have characters dedicated to the series; Logain the Hated (Necro), Mierin The Forsaken (Mesmer), Elaida the Amyrilin (Red Ajah Ele) But alas, my memory has failed me for most of the story so I'm slowly rereading my way from the top again. It's okay - 11,916 pager, 684 chapters, 4,410,036 words - not a total goliath. :P Either that or burn through 461 hours 25 minutes of the audio books at the silverwastes chest farm.

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