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  1. Well this is interesting.. lol

    Lol clearly. I edited my post to make the point extra clear. I don't know why so much salt is being throw around. Both fails we've had (we're 2/4 atm) have been to silly reasons. Both times we would have had the kill if the zerg was actually not lying dead or scattered 6 ways to sunday. Hope all is going well with you guys! And haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MoS!!!!!!
  2. Well this is interesting.. lol

    Just throwing this out there so there's no hard feelings Merf. I have no idea where that thread came from and why they are using it to justify that Teq is to hard... don't know why TTS was brought into it either <<
  3. GW2 Official forums: Forum Specialist program.

    From my understanding the position has more to do with gathering and sorting data in to manageable chunks. Forum specialists were to sift through all the topics and flag those they thought had merit and filter out all the useless gibberish, then the community team would go in and check those threads flagged by the specialists and decide what merited dev attention.
  4. GW2 Official forums: Forum Specialist program.

    I think it actually has more to do with how the US volunteer system works more than anything. Gail had a nice post about it further in
  5. Guild Wars 1 Group

    I can def endorse the links Epor shared as they are the same ones she shared with me last week (and epor figured out why my map was all 'no you can't travel', toon I was on didn't have the quest unlocks done, but they are now!) Anywho for you factions guys, I'm currently doing the factions campaign right now on my lvl 19 A/N and play most nights 10pst till I need sleep. If anyone if running feel free to friend me and poke me on ts or raidcall (1101) Touda Masahiro (A/N) is the toon I'm currently maining (Soren Redclaw (Rit), Soren Ironclaw (Ele) are my others) as I begin trying to fill out my HoM
  6. Wild Wednesday!

    Hey all it's been brought to my attention that some TTS members don't know what a Wild Wed is or when it's run so I'm here to do a quick spiel for you all! Wild Wednesday happens every Wed @ 10pm PST (6am UTC) and this is where we put the fun back in fighting Tequatl by setting out to take the Dragon down to a set theme! Themes are submitted by the general GW2verse and me and have been known to be quite crazy, heart-attack inducing, and above all down right fun! Some examples include: The No Defense Defense, Bear Bow Bonanza, Minions R Us, Ugly Ugly Armor, A Game of Tequatl, Turret Tango, MEDICS!, and many many more! This event is a TTS event with the spawn brought to you by [sORC] and [GSCH] and run by Kenage and me -> that's Soren for those that don't know. Now you might say, "but Soren, isn't there a reg Teq spawn at 7am?" Why yes, yes there is, so Wild Wed also comes with the added bonus of giving you a shot to double your loot intake for the night! Cause seriously guys, everyone needs more Teq spoons! Plus it allows me to actually snag 4 hrs of sleep before I have to function for work. The event is open to everyone and anyone with the ability to swing a weapon or throw an object so come on out, relax, and have some good old fashioned fun! NOTE: Please keep in mind that fun is the main factor during this run and at no point in time do I guarantee victory as sometimes the challenge can be a little hard to over come. FOR TYRA!!!!!!! ~Soren
  7. Can we have a non-AFK silent channel?

    /me slaps yall with a trout
  8. Want To Trade: Guild Wars 1 Miniatures

    I will look tonight and see what I got. I know I have a few in a xunli chest someplace
  9. A Taco Proposal

    Is that taco radioactive and if I consume it will I get super powers?
  10. First!

    I'm always around, now more so that the time change has happened! So watch out, the Soren invasion is coming to a wurm run near you ;)
  11. First!

    Holy snazzy forums =p
  12. Kill all the things!


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