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  1. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    I've not had any issue with them yet, thankfully. Other than them no longer having the M95, which isn't really their fault since Corsair discontinued it...
  2. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Curses. My mouse appears to have gone kaput. Seems the onboard memory died or something, because none of the buttons on the mouse do anything. Re-flashing the firmware, re-downloading profiles etc, none of it fixes the mouse. So, naturally I called NCIX to start an RMA, cause 2 year express-exchange. They no longer carry the M95. MY MOOOOOOOUSE! I have to try and choose a different mouse of about the same price point. T.T I liked that mouse dammit. It was perfect.
  3. Took a trip to Mall of America

    You guys would probably not cope well if you ever end up in West Edmonton Mall. It's still bigger, although they're both owned by the same (Canadian) family. Also, it has a pirate ship.
  4. That did indeed fix it, thanks!
  5. I was just curious if anyone else using the Edge browser with Windows 10 has issues with the Calendar part of TTS's website not working correctly. It loads the page, but the Calendar itself just doesn't seem to want to show up. Works fine on Firefox, which is my backup browser.
  6. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    So my new Corsair M95 mouse arrived... the software scared me a little bit until I figured it out. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all these buttons, I was using a 5 button mouse for so long....
  7. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Welp, Sera Rosso convinced me to get the M95 Mouse, so that's the newest purchase for me. Once it arrives my current mouse can rest well, it's served me faithfully for going on 8 years before giving up.... Only downside: NCIX is messing with me again, just like when I ordered the K90 keyboard, the M95 is supposed to have free ground shipping, but they're trying to charge me almost 80$ CAD for the shipping, which is lulzy since the mouse itself only costs 96$ with insurance.... Thankfully they're pretty good about refunding these mistakes.
  8. Welp, I got best house. Go me. Hufflepuff for life. Your in-depth results are: Hufflepuff - 16 Ravenclaw - 12 Gryffindor - 11 Slytherin - 6
  9. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    How does that Corsair M95 mouse feel to use? Just curious because it appears now my mouse wheel has decided since the keyboard missing keystrokes got it replaced, it'll start misbehaving so it can go into retirement too. So now I get to go Mouse hunting to find a worthy companion....
  10. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Well, ignoring the massive bag of Skittles I got yesterday, the most recent purchase would be the Corsair K70 Red LED keyboard I just bought earlier today because my current keyboard is starting to miss key-strokes.
  11. Keyboards

    Certainly sounds as though most everyone recommends the mechanical keyboard, so I think I'll probably end up going that route. I'll have to keep an eye out for a Corsair K70 being on sale I guess. Thanks for the advice everyone. Side note: anyone else wanting to chime in should totally do it. If only to suggest more keyboards for me to drool over.
  12. Keyboards

    So my keyboard is officially in need of replacement, or will be soon. The letters are getting wiped off the keys, etc. etc. so I'm officially on the hunt for my next victim-(keyboard). Ideally I'd rather not spend outrageous sums of money, but I do want a good solid keyboard for gaming/general web surfing. I've also been hearing about 'mechanical' keyboard, and have no idea if they're a big improvement over 'normal' keyboards or not. So, TL;DR Suggest keyboards, convince me to get a mechanical keyboard (or not get one), and make my choice even harder by suggesting all the wonderful keyboards that I should be drooling over. Bonus points for anyone that mentions what keyboard they're currently using!
  13. Well, finally just finished getting the full luminescent armor unlocked. Woo. Go figure tho, I manage that, my guildie/father got the amulet off the vinewrath with the Preserved Queen Bee in it... worth about 1300-2k gold. Am unsure whether to congratulate him or strangle him for taking my moment.
  14. Town of Salem

    Just curious if anyone else plays this. You can buy it on steam, or, as I do, play it in a web browser for free. Pretty fun game.

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