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  1. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    Well we managed to kill Matthias! I tweaked my build even more for this encounter: I'm not going over the encounter itself indepth so a lot of this might sound confusing but you can grab this build if your heading in there and want something dependable. Matthias Hammer Guardian: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vVAQNAS5elsAhyhYhQwXIQQELWEFWAUbRQWGUenncsP7BPA-TxBBABBclCwa/R5HAPAgzUCCxBVoS1fyT3TAgDgA893f/95nf+5nfe/+75/e+vlCYghVA-e This is basically a normal Hammer Guardian build but I took out Zeal for virtues as I felt each of the 3 lines gave me something essential. Dragonhunter is there for the Leap with F2 when you become corrupted. Using it + Judge's intervention I was able to get away from the group then back into the flght in a short amount of time. The Spear's can be used to break breakbars as well. Honor is there purely for the symbol trait, the extra healing and protection from hammer comes in handy. Virtues is there for Master of concretions and Indomitable courage. Both aren't 100% required but I find saving allies and extra safety of a lower cooldown wall to be helpful. The extra condi-cleanse doesn't hurt either. As for utlities. Judge's is so you can teleport back to the fight immediately after dropping corruption (so you can get heals faster mostly), Bane signet is DPS + another break, and wall of reflection is given it's chance to shine as you need it to reflect Matt's projectiles back at him to break his shield. Rest is fairly standard hammer Guardian. Overall I found that Salvation's Pass is the Raid wing that allows Guardian to shine. There's a ton of stuff the Guardian excels at countering and I found it rewarding to clear the wing with my main.
  2. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    This is precisely it. On the final phase Slothy takes forever sometimes to catch up to the targetted person so I find Scepter is better then Mace. Mace is still a decent choice I just find having a ranged option is easier.
  3. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    So I beat Slothasor yesterday and wanted to share this new build. Slothasor is very much a Guardian fight, his minions spam conditions and their projectiles can be reflected. Slothasor himself spams a ton of conditions and tosses some fears and CC around. So I dusted off a classic Guardian hammer build to use against him: Old Skool Hammer Guard: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vVAQNAS7elsAhmhYhQwXIQQEHxDFeJ+vtoGAbZ9mHjXMGB-ThRBABXt/o8DgjUAe6ee4gKQp6PmpEMAwBQA++7v/+8zP/8zPvf/98fP/3SBMwwK-e Use Wall of reflection to negate a lot of slothling damage, Purging flames and Virtue of Resolve can be used to clear 3 conditions, and Virtue of Courage is used to break stuns of yourself and allies hit by his fear/CC attack. Slothasor’s fat butt tends to lag behind on key points during his final phases so a scepter is good to have on swap. You can use a variant with either the Radiance or Dragonhunter traitline if you want to use a Greatsword instead of a hammer to pull Slothlings into the group to get cleaved down. Dragonhunter will deal more damage but makes using Virtue of Resolve to cleanse scattered allies a bit harder.
  4. I have a mini-Slothasor! All is right in the world!

  5. Slothasor Down!

    NICE! I'm not if you noticed by the way but right after you beat Slothasor! You can view a vista! I hope you didn't miss it!
  6. Being the 10th man on a 9 man Sabatha kill isn't good for your ego....

  7. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    Revs are the best provider of fury still so that gives them a slot in Raids all the time. However they used to be able to provide fury, protection and do more DPS then Guardian so they were sort of overtaking the Guardian's niche. Now the Guardian has been solidified as the provider of pure protection and DPS since Revs don't deal more damage then them due to recent changes.
  8. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    Just updated this Guide with the Hammer Guardian in all slots: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Dragonhunter_-_DPS/Support I still find my Longbow Green circle build useful if we just want to clear Vale Guardian easily and need one more person for green ciricles but largely Allarin and I have found the Hammer Guardian is just superior on the rest of the fights due to more overall sustained DPS and essentially giving a ton of free protection. This is essentially more attractive with Revanents are now behind them in damage so you can't just bring a Rev for protection and DPS only anymore.
  9. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    The only fight I'm in 2 minds about is Gorseval. On one hand, he does move a bit but on the other the Burn Ele has to compete with a Staff Tempest while the Hammer Dragonhunter only is missing the Greatsword pull which he can still get from a 2nd weapon set. He honestly dosen't move that much. Brazil did manage to 7 man Gorseval with a Hammer Guardian on the team so there's that evidence too. Vale Guardian is probably too mobile for a hammer.
  10. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/44dli8/actual_dps_comparison_between_classesguard_ele/ So after reviewing this thread, I'm changing the recommended max DPS build for Sabatha to just be the hammer build with the Napalm build as an alternative. Not sure how good it is versus Gorseval and Vale Guardian since this build seems to require the target stand in your symbols and those bosses move a lot.
  11. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    Jacobbs was that meant for a different thread? Because while I know most Guardians will struggle with the Hammer Guardian rotation of 1-1-1-1-1-1 :P I think you meant to post in the composition thread.
  12. Light Guardian Jack's Guide to Guardian in Raids

    That's a dps version of it similar to the Hammer DPS Guard I posted for Sabatha. According to the author it's higher DPS then Greatsword/Longbow... which interests me, I'll have to investigate further.
  13. Spirt Vale Raid Build and Composition Guide

    Condition Engineer, Condition Necro, Condition Thief and Condition Warrior are all good choices really depends on circumstance and your composition. Engineer is best straight up condi-damage but Nerco is best at ranged and can beat engineer if you can stack nercos to abuse Epidemic on Gorseval. Guardian's position never really changed. They're still a good green circle group member and good for learning Sabatha with perma-protection but nothing really changed for them unlike thief who got a damage buff.
  14. Spirt Vale Raid Build and Composition Guide

    Hmm well I haven't even got around finishing this guide and already the meta has shifted a bit. I'll update the texts in a bit but here's what got nerfed/buffed: -Condi-Warriors got smashed hard with the nerf-bat. They're still a viable condi-build but they're no longer near being the top DPS on Gorseval. Basically since the field they make with longbow berserk burst only triggers once per enemy, they're main source of damage got cut by a lot. - Revanent also took a hit. They're no longer the easiest profession to stack in a Raid since they're damage isn't as strong. They're still the best fury and boon extend source in the game but you'll only want one or two of them. Apparently they also think Rev should need to use more then 1 on a damage rotation so now they use 2 every once and a while now. -Alacrity hit Chrono a bit but wtihout any compeition in what they do Chronomancers are still in the same spot. -Thief got an auto-attack damage buff making the optimal rotations sometimes just 1... apparently Thief Autoattack rotations are ok but Rev ones aren't. Still have the same problems of little else to contribute but now thief is a pretty strong contender for damage dealer -Condi-Nerco. Condi-Engy, Tempest, are still the same just more attractive options since Condi-warriors got smashed -Druids are still in the same place -Dragonhunter..... is.... still not in a good place ;-;. However with Revanents being nerfed they're a bit more of an attractive option in Sabatha if your group is still learning and want some protection.
  15. Do PvP with friend. Losing but still trying hard. Friend gets massive 2000 ping lagspike, can't do anything. Lose match, lose 2 pips cause "friend was griefing cause he wasn't participating". GG Anet

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    2. Light Guardian Jack

      Light Guardian Jack

      Your completely right FortisAcana, this incident was very nice on my amber friend who didn't lose any pips at all even though he was the one lagging!

    3. FortisArcana


      Yep, and it's so casual friendly that even casuals can get the legendary backpiece.

    4. Spear Of Flame

      Spear Of Flame

      well eventually, maybe...


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