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  1. Made this video for my friends to show them how to throw a one-way smoke for spools on de_inferno. I noticed a lot of the smoking methods I found in other tutorial videos would actually either give the defending counter-terrorists an advantage or just leave a certain sections left open for CT's to watch through. So I found my own method. Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY8T6ptNsFI
  2. "Be a Norn!" - The boast about anything thread

    You're a madman.
  3. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    All the Titanfall map packs are free at the moment. Grab it even if you don't own Titanfall, because they could very well offer it as free limited time promotion in the future. I've seen it on sale for $5.00 on occasion as well. https://www.origin.com/en-ca/store/buy/titanfall/pc-download/addon/titanfall-season-pass
  4. So I made a short video for my friends...

    Based on something funny that happened when we were playing competitive matchmaking in CSGO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRx7cB_Uqy0 My friends and I have an appreciation for (admittedly bad) rap music, so perhaps it's not to everyone's tastes, but anyway...
  5. Heart of Thorns Notes

    I'm sorry I sold AngryJoe short previously in this thread. He was on point, asked relevant questions despite not having played the game in two years, and really dug for answers. My only criticisms of his interview was that a) how do you get the name wrong of the game you're reporting on multiple times? That's just sloppy, and b) he sometimes cut off Colin and changed the subject when he might have potentially had more good information to share. All in all, great interview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG5oUKqbIVM
  6. Heart of Thorns Notes

  7. "Be a Norn!" - The boast about anything thread

    I believe the correct terminology is 'ez'.
  8. TTS's Social Media Pages!

    So you're saying that TTS is in the same league as Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, and Twilight?
  9. Heart of Thorns Notes

    As much as I like AngryJoe, it kind of bothers me that he's there. He jizzed all over the game in his review 2 years ago but hasn't played since. He even admitted as such in his forum post yesterday. So basically they brought in a guy who hasn't played since launch in the hopes that he'll blow his load again. I mean, it makes sense from a PR standpoint, but it just makes me shake my head because I bet there are 20 people who are more qualified than him to be there, who are not. But it's Anet's press event, so they can invite whoever the fuck they want. ;)
  10. "Be a Norn!" - The boast about anything thread

    When I beat TA Aether path on release day... never again. Although there are probably some solid strats out there now that will make it a lot easier.
  11. Heart of Thorns Notes

    Planning to do the same thing. I already have 6 Arah armour boxes and I'm gonna grind out another 6 Glorious boxes so that I have a zerker and condi set for my Rev.
  12. Heart of Thorns Notes

    So basically Jalis revs are resistant to power builds and Malyx is resistant to condition builds? And they can swap between legends mid fight? What I'm getting at here is that they'll be the worst class ever to fight in spvp. I have 6 Arah armour chests sitting in my bank and now I don't know if I should choose the Berserker set or the Rabid set for my revenent...
  13. Heart of Thorns Notes

    Granted, I assume all the stability skills are going to change as well. If I pop Signet of the Dolyak, instead of just getting one "stack" of stability lasting 8 seconds, I'll get like 3 stacks of stability over 8 seconds, which can be eaten away by CCs. I assume most skills will grant more than just one stack of stability.
  14. Heart of Thorns Notes

    sPvP is going to be a nightmare now. CCs. CCs everywhere.
  15. Heart of Thorns Notes

    A more pressing question.

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