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  1. Updated Shatterer Mechanics

    I need a test run to check Necrojinn's reduced cooldown theory, but I added a tidbit that sometimes if fire breath is used too early before shard storm is off cooldown, he'll fill in the time gap with auto attacks (stomps), usually 1-2 but I think it could be up to 3.
  2. Updated Shatterer Mechanics

    Ok so I've been doing some scientific data collection of Shatterer mechanics, and here's what I have so far: Shard Storm's break bar is up for 8.8s, but apparently only counts for a stun if broken within the first 6s Shard Storm has a 2 minute cooldown Shard storm will be used as soon as possible off cooldown only after a fire breath, fire breath is marked by Teq's fear animation EDIT: Occasionally, if he uses fire breath that ends a bit before the cooldown of shard storm he'll use 1-2 (maaaybe 3?) auto attacks (stomps) before shard storm instead, in which case time your launches well to stay in the air during that duration Healing crystals prioritize over all other attacks (if shard storm and healing crystals are off cooldown and he uses fire breath, healing crystals will be done first, shard storm after his next fire breath) Healing crystals have a 3 minute cooldown, will only be used if Shatterer's health is at 50% or below Healing crystals are vulnerable to life steal and a few conditions before the break bar is removed Generally the first Shard Storm will occur at around 14:08-14:12, but he can decide not to use it after the first fire breath (if he doesn't use it after the first fire breath, assume it'll be after the next one) If you can think of anything else to add to this that's important for the overall fight, please post it in reply and I'll add it. I'd also like someone to verify that every impact from the glider bombs does 2s knockdown.
  3. The Shatterer - Smash the Dragon

    For when Anet fixes the bugged achievements, Jayne and I ran another "science run". So from this one we confirmed the 2 minute cooldown on Shard Storm and the 3 minute cooldown on healing crystals. Healing crystals will only be used if Shatterer is below 50% HP. On account of the lack of predictability I noticed at first for finding storm shard after healing crystals (Shatterer will use Storm Shard asap when the cooldown is off, variable based on the current animation cycle state which is why the first one was 14:12 and the second at 12:09), I tried looking at delays but it could range from 30s after the crystals are destroyed to 45s. This run I noticed that 3 times subsequently after healing crystals, Shatterer would use Storm Shards, provided it was off cooldown, right after using his fire breath attack. I will need a few more runs to confirm the guaranteed use of Storm Shards after his fire breath after healing crystals have just been broken. For now for the first break bar, assume you need to be ready by 14:15 on the clock and then watch the 2 min cooldown thereafter. The cooldown starts when the break bar appears.
  4. The Shatterer - Smash the Dragon

    Ok so caught the CC bar this run starting at 14:12, gonna need a few more runs to determine if it changes or not. The healing crystals does appear to be HP threshold based as they started after an animation finished once Shatterer hit 50% HP. The healing crystals appear to have a 3 minute cooldown and the Shard Storm appears to have a 2 minute cooldown and healing crystals will prevent him from using shard storm right off cooldown. I can confirm with certainty that the breakbar only lasts 8s. The times after healing crystals that we got a breakbar were 45s after the first wave when all of them were destroyed and 30s after the second round were destroyed. Take these with a grain of salt though or work on collecting similar data and share it here so we can compare notes. Also thanks to Jayne Summerfield for helping gather this data.
  5. Triple Trouble: Reflect Team

    So! The update hits in a week and guardians and mesmers are stuck with ground targeted skills to do their primary reflect. This tends to be an issue though because you can't ground target inside the wurm properly forcing the skill to be too far in front of the wurm to reflect all volleys of eggs. However, there's a solution to this which is the minimap trick (which kazu taught me a while back). what this does is place ground targeted skills directly under you. How this works is simply by putting your cursor over the minimap, and then selecting the ground targeted skill and activating it. I've demonstrated this in the following gif. Pay attention to the order in which I do everything. As you can see it shows up in the same spot, at the same angle as if Wall of Reflect was not ground targeted. For temporal curtain you can generally do the same thing you do on guardian. You'll want to go inside the front of the wurm, and try to be as centered as possible. In this screenshot I show where the center is, this is an ideal temporal curtain. But try not to go behind that spot or you'll miss all eggs, and try not to be too far in front of it either. Kazu says his experience has leaked eggs if it's too far towards the front, but I may have accidentally discovered a possibly higher error room than "it has to overlap the center" so I'll get results on that later.

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